Mom Knows Best

I love my mom because she...

has always supported me in anything I do.
insisted my body was perfect just the way it was, no matter what.
believes in me when I don't.
forced me into team sports at a young age.
put up with me through my teenage years.
has summers off as a teacher so she took us on memorable road trips.
taught me to love country music early on with records of Reba.
comes to every race of mine she can.
can be a sarcastic yet caring adventurer like myself.

Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there who are raising and have raised children! These flowers are for you.

Your job isn't easy and you don't get as much credit as you deserve, but you're appreciated more than you know.


Erin said…
What a sweet post!!! And Holy Schmokies----you and your mama REALLY look alike :) Cheers for being blessed with a fantastic mom!!! I thank the lucky stars for mine!
Amber said…
You and your mom look so much alike!! I think its so awesome she comes to all of your races too :)
siri said…
Ahh...aren't you just the sweetest. And in case the two ladies before me didn't emphasize it enough- you look SO MUCH like your mom (it's a good thing, she's a very youthful mom).
What a sweet post! You and your mom look so much alike - and she has really aged well!!!

I am thankful that my mom has shown me how to be an independent woman, but has also taught me that sometimes you have to ask for help.

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