Lululemon All Sport Bra Review

Out with the old and in with the new! On the left is my old Under Armor reversible sports bra that I loved. But alas, I've had it for years and it just doesn't support the girls like it used to. On the right is the Lululemon All Sport Bra I purchased a few weeks back in Portland.

I've had most of my sports bras for several years now and it was time to add a new one into the rotation. I had heard lots of positive reviews about the Ta Ta Tamer, but when I went to try it on, I just couldn't imagine wearing something with such defined cups to the gym (or on the running trails for that matter). I felt like I would just be sticking out like a sore thumb. I don't know, just a personal opinion. It seemed too much like a bra and less sporty.

For comfort and color, I chose the All Sport at $48, which is pretty average for a decent sports bra these days.

After using this for various activities now for a few weeks, including yoga, walking, running, weight lifting and boot camp, I was disappointed it didn't stand up in the running realm. It's definitely more of a yoga and light exercise sports bra. But comfortable, it definitely is! Plus, this girl is a total SUCKER for teal.

Alas, seeing as how I spend probably 75% of my exercising hours running, I would have preferred this to be a bit more supportive. For running and my next sports bra purchase, I'll stick with a Moving Comfort Fiona (or another similar style). What's your favorite sports bra? How often do you replace them?

Holy crap, I just did a little researching and several sites said you should replace a sports bra after a year...what?! Granted, it's probably a bit longer if you're rotating between 3-4 like I am. Phew.

Signs your bra is finito:
-you don't feel as supported anymore (duh!)
-the band or straps are no longer snug
-underwires are starting to peek through (yikes!)

And don't forget that the dryer breaks down the elastic! I always air dry my sports bras, special workout clothing and good jeans. AND Shotgun Creek Trail Blast recap to come on Monday-wish me luck!


siri said…
You are too, too funny.
Great review! I am really cheap when it comes to sports bras & get the C9 by Champion ones at Target. They work for me, though. I am sort of smaller chested so don't need a ton of support, so they work just fine for me...

Never thought to replace them once a week, though! Whoops!
Amber said…
I have an under armour sports bra that I love for running. I have tiny boobs so almost anything works for me LOL. And I have sports bras that I've had for YEARS :S Whoops! Haha
Run Jess Run said…
I'm a total OCD when it comes to air-drying my clothes. I have a fear of shrinkage.
Anonymous said…
I air-dry mine too, but definitely haven't replaced them for ~2 yrs or more..ha oops? Champion Target alll the way for this chick :)

Hope the trail run went well!! Excited to hear your recap!
Redhead Running said…
I always air dry as well.

I love the C9 brand at Target and also Kaylx they're a little on the expensive side but worth every penny because they fit smaller girls like me. :)
Anonymous said…
This review is awesome and in fact very timely. I recently played in an alumni soccer game (6 years removed). While prepping for the game, I noticed that my teammate was wearing the SAME bra that we were given in 2001...YIKES! Needless to say, the material was beat up, the lycra was worn out, and there was little support. I highly recommended the lululemon All Sport Bra to her - it is made with technical frabrics, has high lycra content, is moisture wicking (not like the cotton mess she was wearing), and has sturdy/wide straps for support. She didn't realize that we all need to replace our bras (especially when we workout frequently and participate in high impact sports). I guess you don't know what you don't know...until you try the lululemon :)
Anonymous said…
Great review!! I'm a huge fan of the Lululemon Deep V bra.

But one thing I can't seem to get right is putting the cups back in!!
lori said…
I was told Lululemon is discontinuing the All Sport Bra. I've called all the stores in a 25- mile radius and they don't have any. I even called :Lululemon's 1-800 # & the rep was not at all helpful in finding any. Come on - there's not some size 8s in any color on the planet? What are we going to do?!

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