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Pregnancy: 41 Weeks

If you asked me a few weeks ago if I thought I would still be pregnant at 41 weeks, I would tell you definitely not. I'm not so sure why I was under this notion, but basically, I am a little bigger (3-5 lbs heavier) this time around, everything feels looser, I've been on my feet and active this entire pregnancy and it's my second baby, so don't these things just "slide right out" this time around?

Apparently not.

This last week of pregnancy has been mentally very trying. I have been on GO my entire pregnancy with full time work and a toddler, so being still and waiting to care for an infant and not having many other plans has been tough.

In this last week of pregnancy, I have mopped the house 3 times, vacuumed, made lasagna, cookies and muffins for the freezer, did 5+ loads of laundry and have gone to the grocery store I don't even know how many times.

By now, I am just really uncomfortable. The carpal tunnel is making my index and middle finger so numb i…

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