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10 Months: Sweet Sleep

Written Wed, May 8 I feel like I owed you guys an update on the sleep situation in our world after my last post of our awful nine month sleep. Thankfully, things have turned around for the better. First, on the sleeping arrangements. Greyson had been in a normal crib in our room since birth pretty much, save for the first eight weeks or so in a Rock n Play next to our bed. It seemed to get harder as he got older because he seemed to be sleeping a bit lighter. Pete and I would nearly tip toe into the bedroom at night to go to sleep. When sleep got really bad, I finally took the night light out of the room to see if having it near pitch black would help. I don't think it made a difference. Finally, for all of our sanity, we decided to move Greyson's crib into Henry's room. It seemed like a good decision because 1) Henry sleeps like a rock 2) Greyson wouldn't wake up because he knew I was right there every time he stirred (i.e. non stop nursing) 3) Henry was ex

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