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So Big, Yet So Little

For whatever reason, I was feeling a little sappy today. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons. Enjoying these last mornings and days of sun and plenty of outdoor time. Maybe it's the idea of heading back to work full time. Maybe it's this sore throat and a lack of running thanks to a swollen ankle.

There wasn't anything in particular that made today a special one, but we toured a daycare and Henry wanted to stay.

We walked through a little dahlia garden near the Lane County Fairgrounds and I was in awe. There were dahlias bigger than my hand!

H fell on the pavement, cried, put his head on my shoulder and just wanted to be held for a while.

He fell asleep on the way home, just 3 minutes from the house. He let me pick him up, carry him inside, take off his shoes and transfer him to the crib for nap with no fuss.

 When toddlerhood sometimes feels like babyhood
After nap, he ate his PBJ middle first getting almond and peanut butter ALL over his face.

A little later, he pu…

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