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You're not reading that wrong. This is a journal style post I drafted a few months ago when Greyson was just eight weeks old. I'm going to publish a few more of these and then write posts on a few reader request topics, so let me know if you have a topic you want me to write about!

Saturday, August 25, 2018 // 9:40 p.m.

I haven't been writing here lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about writing here, or publishing the other two drafts I have sitting in the queue. I've been trying to jot some things down in my journal, but life and tiredness and bedtime and scrolling on Instagram. #truth

I don't have anything earth shattering to say here, so please enjoy my evening rambles. 

Lately, as I've stared at my baby as he sleeps in his car seat, as I put him into the wrap or carrier or he coos back at me, I've taken a mental pause to say "this. don't forget this."

And I'm already missing that baby stage when they'll just fall asleep on you anywhere.

Hannah cuddling baby G at my grandparents' cabin

If you'd asked me before Greyson was born or in those first few weeks if I wanted another child, I would have said maybe. Many of our friends are "one or two and done. for sure." But Pete and I each have two siblings and frankly, there's not much that makes my heart happier than raising small humans. BUT... age, career, money, world population, etc.

Just look at those sweet chubby cheeks

And after the past few months of taking care of Greyson (who by most accounts is "an easy baby") and Henry, I'm more convinced that two is our number.

Some days, just trying to get us all fed, dressed and out the door to an appointment or playdate has my mind spinning at HOW parents of three or four don't completely lose their minds. And individuality. I'm not sure when I'll go on a date now that I have a newborn and a toddler. How do those with more do it??

I am starting to run again! And that feels pretty awesome and weird at the same time. I've done a whopping three run/walks ranging from 1-2 miles. At this point, my lungs burn and my pelvis feels awkward and tight after nearly a year of no running (and pregnancy/birth), so I'm going slowly alternating 1-2 min running w/ 1 min walking.

I've also been seeing a pelvic floor PT to work on strengthening the whole system down there and bring my abs back together. I currently have a 2-3 finger ab separation, AKA diastasis recti. It's slow going, but I'm going to stick with it. Spoiler: I think closing my ab separation is going to take some time. 

Body image this go around is okay, so far. I'm sure in the next few months if I can't transition out of maternity wear into my old jeans and shirts, I'll start to feel a little frustrated, but for now I'm giving myself grace. I also hope that running will help tighten up some of the softer areas so that things fit a bit better. More about this topic coming soon!

Okay, I think that's enough baby and postpartum talk for today. What are you looking forward to this month? 

I'm looking forward to extra family time and our local turkey trot, the Turkey Stuffer 5K!


Well you've already done WAY more running than I have. I struggled to get back into running during maternity leave and now that I'm back at work full time I can't seem to fit it into my days... I think when I am done pumping I will be able to fit exercise in again but for now it's just one of those things that isn't going to happen. I try to get out for walks on the weekends but the weekends go by so fast between cleaning, laundry, meal prep, etc. Bleh.

I think we will be a 2 and done family. I don't want to have any children when I am older than 40 and we'd need to live in a bigger house if we had 3 kids. So I think 2 is the right number for us. It took me awhile to get to a place where I was ready to say we'd have a 2nd child. My pregnancy was just so hard and as soon as I get a positive pregnancy test I'll start daily blood thinner injections which just does not sound fun. :/ But a cute, snuggly baby is definitely worth it in the end!
Amber said…
I think it's a good sign you know 2 and done for sure! I really would like 3 right now honestly, but it was so hard for us to get 1 that I don't even know if 2 will happen nevermind 3. I have multiple friends who have told me they just knew when their family was complete and for one friend that was at 1 child and another 4!!! So when you know, you know!

Loved reading a couple of posts from you today when I opened my reader even though I was soooo behind on reading blogs it was a bit ridiculous!
correen b. said…
I can so relate to this post! We have a 3 year old & a 3 month old. I think about moms of 3-4 kids and marvel that they can survive. And getting out for something as simple as a walk can be so overwhelming! Good luck, mama!

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