Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

As I type this, the sun is rising outside our living room window and I'm sitting with a blanket on my lap because it was 70 something yesterday afternoon and we turned our heat off. It's that funny time of year where you almost want the heat on for just a bit in the morning and then you practically need AC by the afternoon. With yesterday's late heat, I'm feeling pretty thankful I won't be pregnant through summer.

May 2018 // 34 Weeks

This week I started noticing some Braxton Hicks contractions. Nothing major or for too long, but they were there. I also noticed that I really started feeling that late pregnancy exhaustion. For the most part, I've had good energy my entire pregnancy, but I find myself barely able to keep my eyes open by 9:00 pm. I suppose, I should just haul myself to bed early to take advantage of the sleep I won't get in 6+ weeks, but I've yet to do that.

This is the week, I also felt a bit of a panic set in over the fact that "this could happen anytime now." To counteract that feeling of helplessness, I got out our infant carseat and washed all the padding and also washed all the baby clothes 12 months and under and started organizing them to see what I have and get them put away in drawers. We still need to get some kind of narrow dresser to serve as a changing table and hold some clothes and diapers in the boys' room, but I've yet to make a trip to Portland for IKEA or search for one used locally.

I also started packing my hospital bag with comfy pajamas, socks & underwear, a nursing tank, baby outfit, etc. I should also grab some snacks to stash in that bag because I know we'll need them if not before baby arrives, after.

The other exciting event of the week was that a few friends threw Lindsey and I a joint baby shower on Saturday. While neither of us need very little this second time around (both having boys again), it was a good excuse to get some friends and family together and celebrate.

 A few of the sweet mamas I've known since Henry was born (or before)

It was nice and relaxed and we all got to sit on Julie's back deck thanks to the weather. Unfortunately, I was fighting a cold, so I just tried to not get too close to anyone and washed my hands approx. 10 times in a few hours.

Grandma Jean, my mom, myself, aunt Linda

I'm not sure if it's the impending baby or just a phase Henry is going through, but we've had some tough evenings and toddler moments with him this past week. One involved carrying him out of the Farmer's Market as he cried and demanded going back. We talked him off the ledge and soothed him, but it's definitely making me think about how much things are about to change in his little world.

When you love a little human so much, it sort of breaks your heart to have to think about how you're going to split your time between him, a new baby and the general demands of life. But ultimately, he is excited to be a big brother and has started asking "When is Baby Moe going to come?"

Name game: We have a list of names, four or so of which I really like. We've added a few to the list this week, but I'm not a great decision maker, so it will definitely be a game time decision.

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe at almost 5 lb and 18 inches long.

Exercise was a little decreased this week, but I still managed to fit in 3 longer morning walks and at least one decent weight lifting session.

Wearing the same rotation of maternity tees and the two maternity sweatshirts that I have that are comfy. I'm at the "considering to buy a muumuu" status, so to say I'm looking forward to fitting into some of my old clothes is an understatement. I'm less excited about having to buy a swimsuit for the summer postpartum.

My body is starting to feel the weight of pregnancy. At the end of the day, my feet and arches can definitely tell I've put on 28-29 lbs. My right hip/glute area has been sore, so I assume that I'm favoring that side when I go on walks and just generally go through my day. I'm hopeful I'll ditch this cold soon so I can feel healthy and good for the next 4-6 weeks when this baby arrives.

Smuggling a large basketball/beach ball

I haven't had many cravings this pregnancy, but for some reason fresh baked chocolate chip cookies sound pretty amazing right now as does a burger.

What was the best thing you packed in your hospital bag?

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You look adorable! That me awesome that your friends threw you a shower. It’s always fun to get together with people! And it will be harder to do that now before you are super busy with 2 kiddos!!

The best thing I packed in my hospital bag was my own pillow and an extension cord for my phone charger! I learned that both of those items were essential when I was in the hospital for my blood clot st 34 weeks!!

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