Gone Bananas

I have a little issue. It involves bananas. I have to have one every.single.day.no.matter.what. If we're out, I start to get a twitch (I kid).

Last Monday, I knew that the manfriend and I had both had our respective bananas and the fruit dish was empty. So even though it was 7:30 pm, my stomach was grumbling and I was drenched after hot yoga, I high tailed it to the grocery store (for the second time that day) JUST for bananas.

Oh and on the days that the manfriend decides to have TWO bananas (one at work, one during his after work ride), I feel my blood pressure rise. ALERT: our precious banana supply is being emptied!

Ultimately, I know it's not the end of the world. As long as I have SOME kind of fruit to put in my morning oats, cereal, smoothie, I'm fine, but bananas are my #1 chioce. Why? It's more out of habit than anything, but I like their mildly sweet taste and potassium packing power.

Does anyone else have a funny obsession with something you have to have every day?


Lindsey said…
Oh my gosh I am the same way with bananas! I think I have eaten a banana everyday since sometime in high school.

Even though bananas are on the list of least contaminated fruits/veggies, I always buy organic. I think they taste better for some reason.

Luckily Sonny doesn't eat very many bananas so I don't usually have an issue running out of them.
Emily said…
bread? and by every day, i mean three times a day. there are times when im also pretty hardcore about making sure i get my frozen berry protein smoothie in, even if the most working out i do is lifting the remote.
Peanut butter! I've made special trips to go get it, LOVE the stuff. Bananas I *like* have every day, but if we run out then we run out...(but we better not!) ;)
siri said…
Coffee. Bread. Bananas. Repeat. As Lindsey mentioned- organic bananas DO taste better. It's true. Milder, more plump, maybe. I have a friend that studied agriculture in Costa Rica and came home with scary stories of the chemicals harming the plantation workers (blinding people, even!) So even through they don't seep into the fruit itself and harm the person eating it, it's good to know that organic bananas have not harmed the person in the far away land that grew it.
Haha, Emily. Your love for bread is impressive. :)

Lindsey and Siri - Thanks for the reminder. I try to buy organic bananas, but sometimes I just get lazy and don't. Good reminder that it's not necessarily the chemicals that might harm the person ingesting the food, but also the person producing/harvesting it. It seems these days that almost nothing non organic is safe. Ugh.
For me, it's eggs. I need to have them for breakfast. They fill me up better than anything else!

I am going to switch it up and start having smoothies a couple of days a week, though.
Raquelita said…
Ha! I am so finicky about bananas. I love them, but only when they are just yellow. Green or brown and I twitch. I have to have coffee.

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