WeekEND, it just can't be!

I don't know about you, but this long weekend coming to an end is a bit sad. It's been so nice to be extra lazy and just relax with no work work to do. Unfortunately, Monday comes knocking tomorrow. :(

So, how'd you fare? Fabulous Thanksgiving meals (for the U.S. readers) and lots of Black Friday shopping/avoidance?

We had a beautiful drive over to the Oregon Coast where my grandparents live.

I was definitely full after our Thanksgiving meal, but not too full for a bit of pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie! Most of Thanksgiving day was occupied with entertaining my cousin's new baby or her little toddler. They are the cutest little boys.

Brendel and baby Hudson

Brothers Kyle and Max

Dad with Brendel's other adorable son, Carson. He sure knows how to smile for the camera.

On Friday, I stayed at my parents house and hung out with the family. We hit up some of the sales, but I shockingly didn't buy anything! Don't worry, I made up for it yesterday. Ann Taylor LOFT was having a 40% off your purchase sale. That makes a $44 sweater $26. Yes, please. Somehow, I just don't have enough sweaters for the winter.

This morning, I headed to the group run and polished off a cold 6 miles in 49:45. After grabbing a Starbucks, I raced off to see the manfriend in his cyclocross race.

Barriers to jump over

Hills to run up

Manfriend finishes 1st in his category

Muddy as usual post race

Okay, I'm going to do some magazine and book reading and couch time to take advantage of the last hours of this weekend. I wish it didn't have to end! It totally feels like the holidays are officially in full swing now. Are you ready?


Gracie said…
I saw the Ann Taylor sale, but didn't find anything I wanted at our outlets. But Banana Republic was 50% off the entire store and I got some deals in clearance!
Sounds like you had a wonderful T-giving weekend. I can't believe it's coming to an end, either. I even took an extra day off and it still went by way too fast. I want another couple of days off! ha.

I didn't do any shopping this weekend. I really need to get organized & start shopping... Christmas is going to come very fast!
liz said…
Geez, you two probably burned off all the turkey and then some! I didn't do any shopping or exercising this week ;) So a little good and very bad!
Erin said…
I'm sad to see the weekend go..... and cannot believe Christmas is less than a month away!!! I really need to finish my shopping :)
Erin said…
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Amber said…
Good job Manfriend!

I swear that long weekends go by FASTER than normal-length weekends!!
Alicia said…
Loving your blog, looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! :)
Unknown said…
Totally not into the weekend being over. I was on vacation all last week and am dreading today for sure.
Congrats Manfriend! And cutie little boys, what a fun Thanksgiving crew :)

I didn't know about that LOFT sale, ah! But, probably for the best, since I wear mostly athletic clothes for now anyway ;) ha.

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