Like a Mac Truck

I don't know about you, but I often find myself going so fast that I'm barely living in the moment. I'm so focused on the upcoming weekend, race, or life hurdle that sometimes I forget to live in the present.

Because this life is short and precious, it's time I reminded myself to slow the hell down. Lately, my mind has been racing with how far behind I feel. But in actuality, I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Twenty somethings aren't supposed to have it all figured out.

Yesterday, it hit me like a Mac Truck that all of this anticipation I was pressuring myself over (marriage, babies, dream home, etc) was not what I need to focus on right now.

Sure, I want that in the semi-near future. But, honestly, when I really thought about it and looked at my friends' lives who have kids and real commitments, I realized that there's something to cherish about being young and free.

When else will the manfriend and I be able to head out to a nice dinner, go on 3-5 hour running/cycling excursions, or off to the bar on a Friday night? We don't do that much these days, but the freedom to do so isn't so bad.

So, I hope this encourages you as much as it reminds me, that slowing down is good for your soul.

Instead of jam packing each week after stressful week, throw in some moments to just be.

My suggestions: take a bike ride, watch some water flow (river or stream), read a book at your local coffee shop, take a walk w/out your ipod and notice the sounds and life around you, dance along with your ipod, write in your journal, or do a little yoga!

What thing have you put pressure on yourself that isn't such a big deal? The leaves here are from a lunchtime walk I took a few weeks ago right before the weather turned and the leaves emptied off the trees. I miss them already.


Heather C said…
The "ideal job" is something I thought I should have figured out by now, but don't! And now, I'm totally okay with that. Like you said, how many 20-somethings really have it all put together? :)
siri said…
"when I really thought about it and looked at my friends' lives who have kids and real commitments, I realized that there's something to cherish about being young and free".

True that.

But just so you know, I wouldn't trade it all for the world...
Haha, thanks Siri Mom. I know all the moms and dads out there love what they do. And you are doing an AMAZING job at it, clearly. I just realized that I might not mind a little delayed gratification on this one. It's just hard when you love babies so much. :)
Amen to this post. :) I put so much pressure on myself. Mostly pressure about career stuff. When I left my job last spring, I took a huge step down career-wise and I have been beating myself up over it. But then I remember that I am probably going to be working until I am 55-60 (le sigh) so I have plenty of time to get back to where I want to be...

I have also been trying to enjoy dating more and have tried not to analyze every. single. thing. And it's been blissful so far. I don't need a timeline, I just need to enjoy dates w/ the barrister! We've had a very, very busy schedule this fall. On Saturday, we got a snow storm and we both used it as an excuse to stay in and lay low. We watched a couple of episodes of Without Reservations. We walked to Jimmy & Johns and then browsed around the library. We cancelled dinner plans and got take out instead (mostly because he wasn't feeling well and ended up coming down with a bug...) But still - it was nice to be forced to slow down for a change!
Oh, I need to slow down. I totally live in the future. Or tomorrow. Or just planning mode. That's one reason we've been posting a bit less lately. We'll pick it back up again, but I'm trying to take time for myself right now. I really appreciate this post!
Lisa-that sounds like a perfect low key evening. Hope you two feel better soon.

Ashley-yes, it's easy to forget that some down time can really be rejuvenating. So easy to get caught up in doing something every moment, for me anyway.
RunningOnCoffee said…
This post is so true! I don't even know where October went, and now it's mid-November.

It's been quite an adjustment getting out of "planning mode" like Ashley said.

I've always been a planner...From looking forward to the end of undergrad to where will I go to grad school to planning our wedding to finishing grad school then looking for a job. Now that I have had a job for the last year and a half, there hasn't been a big "next thing", and I'm ok with that for now!

Babies are not immediately on the horizon and I've been trying to tell myself it's NOT a big deal that we do not own a house even though so many of our friends do. Houses are super expensive in NJ and it's better to be paying rent for now. Turns out moving somewhere (???) when hubby finishes grad school next spring/summer is a possibility too. Maybe that can be my next big thing to worry about/plan for :-p

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