Hair chop and the visitor!

Yesterday, my hair looked like this...

I was actually becoming accustomed to the grow out phase, but I was also really itching for a haircut!

The next thing I knew, my hair looked like this. Oh and welcome to my casual Friday wear.

It seems an inch or so short for my liking so pulling a section back makes me feel a little better about it.

And look who's coming to visit!

My friend Kristin gets in tonight all the way from Nashville, TN!

Happy weekend! I hope yours is fabulous. Mine is sure to be full of running, laughter, brunch, coffee and wine with the ladies!


Aron said…
cuuuuuuuute hair!!! have a great weekend with company :)
Emily said…
I love it! It's super cute! Have a blast of a weekend with the friend in town!
I think your hair looks awesome! It's really flattering for your face shape! Too cute. Makes me want to cut mine but I just decided to try to grow it out & maybe do lock of love next year...

Have fun w/ your friend!!!
Thanks for the reassuring comments, ladies.

Lisa - I did locks of love back in college. It was a great cause. ANd I was so relieved to finally cut my hair when I did because 10 inches is a LOT of extra hair to grow.
Amber said…
I think it looks great! Wow it was getting really long!

Have a fabulous weekend with your friend :)
Gracie said…
Oh my gosh cute hair! You can pull it off because your face shape is so dainty. Adorable!
BTW to answer your question I only started running this year pretty much so I've done 3 marathons since February and I have three more before next Feb. I was badly, badly injured for marathon #1 - thanks to poor shoe choice - but since then I've been running pretty high mileage with no ill effects. Knock on wood, lol!
Gracie-that is so impressive! Some bodies are just made to run marathons again and again. Mine needs mucho REST. I say keep it up if you're not having ailments!
Raquelita said…
Your hair is absolutely adorable! I hope you have a great weekend with your friend!
Crystal said…
Your hair cut is so cute. You've got me thinking about cutting mine now.
Heather C said…
The new do is adorable! I actually think it's good to go a little short with that kind of style - that way you don't have to keep it styled so often. :)

Hope you gals had a fun weekend!

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