Fashion Friiiday

Sorry for being a wee bit MIA! Work had been buuuusy and stressful and my evenings have been pretty chalked full of workouts, errands, house cleaning, etc.

Last night, we did get our booties to Lifeforce Fit and the manfriend sweated his fair share. I'm a bit sore today in the shoulder and back. The hardest parts: burpees, holding runners lunge for 3 min straight and dolphin push ups. Ugh.

Now on to the fashion! It seems when the holidays get near and my budget coincidentally gets tighter, the more I want cute clothing I can't afford. As a result, I unsubscribed from three email lists this week during a moment of overload. While I really like some of those special sale emails, it only makes me want it all more. I did keep one from the LOFT though so I can window shop.

So, if I had some extra cash, this is what I'd be spending it on.

LOFT Ruffle Back Tweed Jacket

JCrew stretch vintage boot cords

Ciao Bella Toni Boots

What's on your fashion wish list this fall? Sooo happy it's Friday! Sometimes the weeks are so painful, but then before you know it, the weekend is here. Doing anything fun this weekend?


Gracie said…
That's funny, I posted about clothes today too ;-) I love the cords but I always find corduroy grows huge by the end of the day!
Emily said…
I want cute dresses for winter! All my sundresses are tucked away and I'm already sick of pants and sweaters.
Fun! Love the items you posted!

I am currently pining for a dress at Anthropologie... but I don't have to dress up for work so I know it would be a bit ridiculous to spend $150 on a dress that I don't really need... but, it's so cute, my heart hurts a bit when I see it at Anthro and walk out without it in my arms...

Have a fabulous weekend!
Amber said…
LOVE that jacket! SO Cute!

I need a good jacket/blazer type thing like that that can be dressed up or down.

Happy Friday!
Ooh, glad you all liked this post! Feel free to add the links to things you're pining for. Lisa, I say if you've wanted it for several weeks and you still think about it...maybe save up for it and snag it!
liz said…
Wow you should get the boots, they'll last many seasons and they are gorgeous! Oh now I want them!!!
Aron said…
i looooooooooooove fall clothes!!! i have those cords in brown :)
RunningOnCoffee said…
The ATL jacket is really cute!

I'm not letting myself look at clothing emails for a little while, because lats month I spent a bit of money on a Lululemon running jacket, and a new fleece. I must resist the temptation!!
Oh that jacket is definitely worth a splurge!

My fashion choices have been overtaken by lulu - since I wear it to work and for play :)

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