The manfriend was taking part in this hairy faced fun perhaps by coincidence for the first week of November. I wasn't such a fan and came home Saturday to find a freshly shaven man, but it was fun to see a different face for a bit.

Crazy how different a person can look with more/less hair.

Wacky Friday: As I was taking Jonah for a walk this morning, a car in our neighborhood stopped me and the lady asked if I knew which house owned a pot belly big because there's one missing. All I could say is "um, no. weird." Seriously random.

And wouldn't someone know if their pot belly pig ran away because it goes about 1 mph and would be snorting and squealing the entire way??

Do you know a man in your life who is taking part in Mustache November AKA Movember? Have a great weekend! We have an early Thanksgiving to attend and a trail run on Sunday.


Man friend looks so different w/ facial hair! I bet you were so glad when he shaved it off, though! I am not a facial hair person either... And the Barrister isn't either (thank God!).

Enjoy your early Thanksgiving celebration!
Amber said…
I tried to convince Eric to grow a mustache (I thought it would be hot) but he wouldn't go for it. Hahaha

That is SO RANDOM about the pig. Lol
Ha, the man friend looks very serious about that beard! I've heard of this, and our friend Ivan did it two years ago...he looks like a different person in the pics! And they (all the guys participating) had a "shaving party" at the end of the month. Weird.

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