Shiny New Toy

Look what I found last night when I got home around midnight from a work event!
This little surprise was the thing manfriend was taunting me about yesterday. He send me an email with the UPS shipping arrival time of a secret package. My first response was: "did you buy a new bike?" Nope, no new bike. But he kept me hanging.

Well during my drive up to Portland for a work event, I pondered all the things it could be. Let's just say I don't speak too highly of my beastly large 305. It bruises my bony wrist every time I wear it.

I've been wanting this green beauty since it came out. Who cares that there's a newer model? I like green.

I guessed that it miiiight be the 405, but who knows why I deserve such a thing. Anywho, it turns out that the manfriend talked to my parents and they agreed to go in on it with him. Such an awesome gift! I still remember when my parents bought me my first Garmin prior to running my very FIRST full marathon after I had completed my first ever half marathon.

You can see the beastly Garmin 305 in my second Nashville 1/2 marathon post race pic AND my very first blog post right here! I can't believe I've been blogging for four years now!

Now for a little Friday sweat session. I opted for another Jillian strength circuit because I love targeting two body parts at once and because this is a great workout. If you haven't tried her No More Trouble Zones dvd, I highly suggest snagging a copy at Tar-get or renting it from your library.

I've been trying to do at least 20-30 minutes of strength on M/W/F in addition to any cardio I want to do. With all my hard work, these arms should be rockin' for summer.

I opted to run a mile before and two miles after the dvd so I definitely got my sweat on.

Favorite ab circuit of the day:
chest press w/ crunch (w/ weights)
chest flys with feet raise (w/ weights)
squirms (touching inner ankles, working obliques)
*repeat 2 x

Are you focusing on any types of workouts or areas right now? Any favorite dvds to share? I'd love to try P90x, TurboFire and Physique 57 someday.

Happy Friiiiiday!

P.S. Not sure what's up, but I'm not too happy with blogger being down all morning and randomly losing our Wednesday posts. Hmmm...


AH, that's an AWESOME surprise! Go Manfriend! what's the occasion?? Just your usual Friday delivery? ;)

I'm focusing on Running + Strength training right now. ST has neeever been a consistent thing for me, so, aside from the fact that I"m almost always sore, I loove it.

Happy weekend!
AWESOME! Way to go manfriend!

I actually don't mind my 305. It doesn't really bother me to wear it and it doesn't rub my wrist like it does for some people. I will have had it for 2 years this fall! I sure hope it doesn't die anytime soon haha.

I did a strength training workout using moves from the new Womens Health Workout App I put on my iPhone this week. I did the workout Wed night and I am still SO SORE today. I either over did it or I am just pathetically weak!
Heather-Since my bday is so close to xmas and new years, it's hard to get me a gift. I think he and my parents also knew I would get a HECK of a lot of use out of the thing. I'm already wearing it and I LOVE it. Love love love the green and the round design.
Run Jess Run said…
I'm cranky with Blogger too. I read everyone's posts while I eat breakfast. This morning I had to stare at the wall...

I really dig P90X. My hubby made it through a full cycle and I've done a few of the workouts myself. You feel like Superman when you're finished, but will need help getting out of bed the next day.
well done, manfriend, well done! And I kind of love that he taunted you about it - but I say that, knowing that would probably drive me crazy because I do not do well w/ surprises...

Right now, I am focusing on getting back into running and dropping my pace. It's going well thus far. I am so overwhelmed/exhausted by studying, I don't have the mental wherewithall to challenge myself w/ workouts, so all I do is continue to put in the miles. When this test is behind me, I will mix it up.
NICE toy!!!

And I actually would love to try some Jillian Michaels DVDs. TurboFire looks like so much fun too. My faves now are regular Turbo Kick workouts and Cathe DVDs for at home options.
J said…
AWWW what a great surprise! I have the same green garmin and I love it! Although sometimes I still press the wrong button from time to time lol!
Lindsey said…
My boyfriend surprised me with my green Garmin a couple years ago! Great surprise for sure.

I don't think I have ever done a workout DVD at home. I don't know why! I should probably try one sometime soon...
Raquelita said…
That is an awesome surprise! Yay for new training toys! I still have a 305 and can't quite convince myself to upgrade. Maybe next year....

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