Tis the Season

Tuesday night was all mine to do with what I wanted. Don't you love those nights? I had run on my lunch hour so the workout was outta the way!

The manfriend and I met at the grocery store to do a little Thanksgiving shopping. Thanksgiving? you say. Yep, I wanted to try my hand at cooking a few side dish recipes I had been drooling over.

On the agenda: Mama Pea's stuffing, Oh She Glows' high protein mashed potaters and cranberry sauce of my own.

This stuff smelled delicious. It was promptly poured over my crispy breadcrumbs and baked into stuffing for 25 min.

The manfriend likes his meat. We selected a ham slice? I cooked it up with a little brown sugar and maple syrup. Mhm.

The best part of Thanksgiving food: a bit with multiple items in it.

My cranberry sauce came out a bit too orangey (I added orange juice, water, sugar and brown sugar to cranberries and cooked for 15 min), but it was loads better than the canned stuff. Simply the consistency of canned cranberry makes me gag. Anyone else with me on this front?

It should be noted that someone had the nerve to ask if there would be pumpkin pie with this meal. I'm saving the pumpkin cheesecake recipe for a night when our bellies will actually enjoy the dessert.

Luckily, I made enough for us to have two nights of this delicious Thanksgivingish feast. These kind of meals make the manfriend very pleased. And they make me relieved because I get a night off from cooking!

Now on to yoga. Yesterday, I pulled out our few Christmas lights and decorations, but we have no tree and therefore no place to hang them. This morning, I decided that every yoga studio needs a good set of Christmas lights.

In addition to a few sun salutations, my focus was on hip openers and building strength in my glutes. Focus poses: pigeon, warrior I, warrior III, crow (getting better at balance) and working toward the splits on both sides.

I tell ya, starting the morning off with 20 minutes of yoga w/ Mariah Carey Christmas tunes and twinkling lights is not half bad. Have you started decorating? Do you go all out or do you just put up a few things here and there?

Did you see how Kristin's (of Iowa Girl Eats) husband Saved Christmas? Adorable.


Amber said…
Weren't the potatoes AMAZING! I am eating some leftover ones AS I WRITE THIS :)

I am dying to try that stuffing too!
It was a Christmas miracle, I tell ya'! ;)
I hate to admit this, but I love cranberries from a can! I know, I know... *hangs head in shame* But I also like cranberry sauce that my mom makes...

I put all of my CHristmas decorations up at one time. I have to tackle it all at once or it will never get done!

That Thanksgiving meal looks amazing! Yum! manfriend is lucky to have such an amazing cook for a girlfriend!
Laura said…
My preferred cranberry recipe:
2 bags of cranberries
2 orange peels
1 cup white sugar
Put in food processor, then put in bowl and refrigerate overnight. FAR better than any cooked kind I've had! It makes me sad that I can't get cranberries year round.

Give it a try!

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