The Streets of Chicago

Last night we arrived at the manfriend's brother and wife's house just in time for some healthy snackage and wine. Vegetables, apple slices and goat cheese filled dates was just what we needed after eating only pretzels, nuts and candy on the plane all day.

Next, it was on to a three course meal that included butternut squash soup, a citrus salad (grapefruit and orange slices on top) and butternut squash lasagna. Our contribution was Trader Joe's joe joes (peppermint oreos) of course.

We crashed about 11 pm and slept for 9 glorious hours. I could have slept longer, but a run was calling my name. The manfriend graciously joined me on a 5 mile run around the neighborhoods on some icy/snowy sidewalks. It was just what these airplane legs needed. In the last five minutes, the manfriend played "Drop Lauren like it's hot" with his speed. It was all I could do to keep up.

After blueberry pancakes and showers, we headed downtown to do some shopping and look at the festive holiday decorations and lights.

The stores were packed with last minute shoppers. We walked up and down Michigan Ave, to the bean, etc. We were unlucky enough to have the worst lunch ever. Apparently some delis don't understand that condiments are necessary for a sandwich. My turkey sandwich consisted of wheat bread and mustard, no lettuce, no tomato, no mayo, NOTHIN.

After a few hours and a few miles of walking, we were pretty tuckered out. Fun tidbit: the bean (above) had a layer of snow on top. Luckily, the temps haven't been too bad. 30 degrees is doable for this Oregon girl. We're ordering pizza now because we're feeling too lazy to head out on the town again.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! It definitely doesn't feel like it when you're not in your usual routine. But the frenzied shoppers and the decorated store fronts made it clear Christmas is here. Tomorrow morning we head over to the manfriend's parents' house via train. See ya on the flip side!


Oh fun! Sounds like a great trip thus far! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Aren't the Christmas decorations in Chicago amazing?
Kerry said…
Merry Christmas Lauren! I hope it's wonderful.
Gracie said…
Christmas sneaked up on me, too. Enjoy Chicago!
Run Jess Run said…
I love that bean...must be the giant shiny object part of it that gets me...
Amber said…
Looks like you are having an absolutely amazing time! Love all the photos!
Laura said…
I went to TJ's on Friday and looked for the Candy Cane Joe Joe's but no dice... did see Candy Cane Joe Joe flavored ice cream, but it had a ridiculous amount of sugar and calories so I passed - picked up some Edy's Egg Nog instead. Will look for the cookies next time I go, though!
siri said…
Christmas in Chicago looks super cozy. Lucky lucky girl you are to be there to celebrate it.

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