25 Days of Yoga

A few of you asked for more detail and resources for the Yoga Challenge. Today kicks of Day 1 of 25!

I'm by no means a yoga expert, but I have taken several classes through my gym, University, studios and podcasts. I've also taught a few classes when the instructor at my gym was out.

One thing's for sure: it's important to try a variety of types of yoga, studios and instructors until you find something that works for you. Sometimes, just the instructors voice or flow of the class can get you off to the wrong start. But fear not! There is a yoga class out there for you!

For example, the first time I tried hot yoga (bikram) here in Eugene, OR I was surrounded by a bunch of sweaty, partially clothed hippies that kind of smelled. The teacher seemed a bit strict, the carpet made the room smell...you get my drift. But I know that's not everyone's experience so I just moved on.

Currently, I do most of my yoga to podcasts in our dining room/my home gym or at Lifeforce Fitness. I'd love to try out a new studio though. Perhaps this challenge will be just the opportunity!

One of the things I love about yoga is that it's one area of my fitness in which I am constantly challenged. Running makes me tight and therefore, I'm constantly fighting my body to keep it stretched out and flexible with yoga. Each pose and balance posture has so many variations that you never really master a pose, which is challenging for the perfectionist in me. Even the 'easy' poses have my muscles shaking after a minute or two.

And now for the Resources
For a variety of free and affordable yoga classes -yogadownload.com
For free live baptiste yoga podcasts - davefarmar.com
Exercise TV yoga classes - Comcast On Demand (oh how I miss this! We have DirectTV now.)
For basic pose instructions, progressions or more information about the benefits of poses -yogajournal.com
And for the cutest yoga clothing you could dream of - lululemon.com

The moral of the story is, you don't have to be well versed or throw a ton of $ at your yoga practice. $10-20 can buy you a decent mat at Tar-get or TJMaxx and some stretchy pants wouldn't be so bad either. But the classes? You could do them in the safety of your own home for FREE!

For those yogis out there, what tips do you have to add? And what's your favorite type of yoga? In the comments yesterday, Lindsey said I should try out restorative yoga. And you know what, I'd never even heard of it before!

My challenge pose: Warrior III (above - my hammies are weak)
My zen pose: Chaturanga
My 'am I ever gonna get there?' pose: Downward Dog (my calves and achilles are uber tight)

Now be nice to yourself and go get your yoga on!

Namaste. What the heck does that mean? Loosely translated, my favorite way of saying it is 'the light (or spirit) in me honors the light in you.'


Amber said…
You are really good at Warrior III! I cannot get my leg that high.

Try Moksha yoga if it's offered near you. I LOVE IT. So much more than Bikram. The carpet in Bikram studios freaks me out too ;) Though I am trying Bikram again tonight since I haven't done it for almost a month!

I love, love, love pigeon. It really helps open up my TIGHT hips!
Dave Farmar is a local instructor here!! He hosted our free Vinyasa class the other day and I took one of his little podcast cards thinking "I should definitely listen to that". SMALL world! :)

Huge props on that pose up there, my leg does Not go straight when I try that, ha. I'm couldn't agree more about the challenge of yoga, and finding your right space. I feel lucky to have found a few studios here that I really LOVE. As in, I could just go and sit there and be happy. :) And obviously working for lulu has introduced to me to some amazing instructors, spaces and practices.

My challenge pose (that I've been working on for ~2 wks now): Handstand.
My Zen Pose: pigeon (um, hips don't agree with that right now, but it feels good!)
Am-I-Ever-Gonna-Get-There: Eight Angle Pose (i.e. Astavakrasana)
Pigeon is a great pose for all athletes! It hurts so good. Heather-handstand and astavakrasana...whoa. Those poses are a bit intimidating for me. :) I always do handstand against the wall.
Great post - lots of great resources for me to check out. I really want to try to do this w/ you, even if it's just 5 minutes a day for me. I have only taken yoga at my Y and I kind of hate it... I think I would like it if I went to an actual studio but I dont' want to spend the money... But I should check out some at home videos or podcasts... I coudl benefit from some stretching as my quads/hamstrings always seem to be tight.
Anonymous said…
I'm doing 25 days of yoga as well! I started today by taking a class at Tamarack Wellness Center. It was okay. Have you taken the Saturday morning class at Lifeforce fitness with Kira? It is so far my favorite yoga class that I have been to in Eugene. I'm planning to take a bikram yoga class sometime this month but I have a feeling I won't like it for the same reasons you mentioned. Have fun with your 25 days of yoga! Thanks for the resources you mentioned!
Britni said…
Okay so hope you don't care but I'm jumping in on this yoga challenge. I don't do yoga regularly but the few times I've had it just feels so good to be stretched out after running. So yoga month it is for me.
Playful Professional-Glad to have you on board!
i saw this in my DIL's blog Playful Professional and we went to class over Thanksgiving - I have been doing Yoga for 8 years but only 2-3 times a week so I too will join your challenge
Laura said…
Great tips - I will try to incorporate them at some point :)

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