Dish Delish

Whew, sorry for being MIA for a few days! Whew, I've been seriously feeling the work stress, workouts and long days.

Saturday, we woke up before the crack of dawn (4:45 AM) to drive three hours to Central Oregon to watch Cyclocross Nationals. We hit a bit of snow on the pass, but were then greeted by slushy rain in Bend.

We spent the whole day watching guys race their bikes through soupy muck and ride or run up major hills. Let's just say, I was happy not to be one of them.

By the time we got home at 8PM, I barely cared about eating dinner (pretty strange for me). We watched The Holiday, which is a super cute chic flick and I managed to keep my eyes open for most of it.

Now for tonight's dinner, which was a home run!

After a tough 6.5 miles (which I attribute to exhaustion), I whipped up a healthy dish straight from a variety of Trader Joe's items.

Ingredients: brown rice, grilled bell peppers and onions, organic green beans, yellow squash, sliced pineapple, wild blue shrimp and soyaki sauce!

I highly recommend recreating a similar version of this with your favorite veggies. Just be careful not to overcook the shrimp - it's easy to do!

With the stress and craziness of the holidays, my cooking game hasn't been quite on, but I think I'm back in the game now. We leave for Chicago and Michigan in 9 days! Between now and then, I have a few holiday functions to attend, an early Christmas with the family, some runs, and some wrapping. Oh and packing...ugh.

Are you staying home for the holidays or traveling? What's your favorite tradition or part of Christmas? I love that magical feeling you have on Christmas morning. Stockings and the drive over to my grandparents house have always been my favorite parts.

How we doing on the yoga front? I'm still getting my stretch on, but I need to commit some serious time to the foam roller. My right hamstring and glute is still quite unhappy with me. And, if you haven't downloaded the FREE yoga for runners from, you MUST. It has the best mix of poses.


liz said…
That looks so good, now I'm hungry!
I'm going to eastern wa for break, nothing exciting.
P.S. the Holiday cracks me up every time, not your typical chick flick
Megan said…
Looks like a fun day with some yummy food. Nice...

Oh yum - that is my kind meal. I love shrimp and veggies and rice. Mmm...

I made 2 meals this weekend so am feeling pretty proud of myself! ;) I made risotto on Fri night and then a big pot of potato/cabbage/sausage soup on Sun. So nice to eat something besides baked potatoes & Amy's organic microwave meals for a change...

This year I will not travel for the holiday. Since I work on Christmas Eve, my parents are coming here and we'll celebrate at my brother's. Can't wait!
Amber said…
That stirfry looks delish!

I am traveling home for the holidays - I can't wait to see my family but I HATE flying this time of year. Next year if we have a house we are just going to stay here I think. It can be so stressful to travel around Christmas BUT it will be really nice to see my fam!
Mmm, that looks So good! We have Shrimp in the freezer - adding green beans to Stir Fry, why have I not thought of this?! Delish, indeed.

We're traveling down to NM, and so excited! I hope it snows a little bit, but not enough to do road-damage. :) 25-DOYoga = going strong! And a little more flexibly ;)
Lisa- those sound like some awesome dishes. I'm kind of intimidated by risotto.

Amber and Heather- safe travels! We just saw a news story about how the midwest got hit with a big storm. Crossing my fingers it's cleared up by next week! This is my first time traveling for the holidays.

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