Look at this haul!

A while back, The Transplanted Baker called for those interested in participating in a Farmer's Market Exchange, much like the holiday blogger cookie/ornament exchange. Dutifully, I said yes and then got WAY busy.

Nearly all of July I was either out of town on the weekends or running my arse off, spending time with my youth mentee or something of the like and didn't make it to the Saturday Market. I'm getting close to having all the ingredients to ship my box, but I am shamefully late on meeting the July 31 deadline.

Alas, look what just arrived in the mail earlier this week from my exchange partner! A ginormous box filled with goodies. I promptly dumped them on the living room floor like a kid on Christmas to see what I had received.

So here's what I got: A super sweet reusable bag from her the Mill City Farmer's Market, wildflower honey, wild rice, goat's milk lavendar soap, muffin mix, Pop a Cob corn! (so cool-you just put the cob in a paper bag inside the microwave and it begins popping), homemade strawberry jam, garlic, pure maple syrup and some photos of her house, kids and their garden.

How good to tart cherry breakfast muffins with oat and flax sound? Super good. I can't wait to make these babies!

It should be noted that I exclaimed "Oh my god!" many times as I poured over each item I received. How amazing are bloggers and blog readers? As you can imagine, I am now more than ever feeling the need to get my goodies out the door and on to their recipient seeing as how she was so generous to me. But first, a few more trips to the farmers market.

I may even find something for my box this weekend up in the Puget Sound while visiting my grandparents that I can include. Which by the way, I'm so excited for. There is something about being in a place where your cell phone doesn't really get service, campfires are necessary for morning warmth, sailboat rides are required, and showers feel like a luxury. I'm also excited for the manfriend to experience the cabin for his first time!

Here are a few posts of past trips to the grandparents' summer cabin...
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How often do you truly unplug? Does it make you feel totally relaxed or honestly a little anxious? As a high schooler, it used to make me a little anxious, but now I love the forced opportunity to just breathe and enjoy without distractions.


liz said…
Ooh what awesome goodies!
I honestly still feel anxious if it's for a long period of time, but it is so needed sometimes
Wow! Cool stuff. Sounds like lots of fun!!!

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