Technology limited and loved it!

I took the quick five hour jaunt up to my grandparents' summer cabin in Washington on the water for a weekend of rest and rejuvenation. While the drive is a bit long, it's seriously worth it, even if I do get just one full day out of the weekend. In a place where cell phone signals aren't always clear, you sleep in a cabin with a metal roof, eat at an outdoor kitchen and spend your afternoon by the beach, time just slips away from you more slowly than it would at home.

I got there in time for dinner Friday night. We had bbq chicken, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and a salad. Oh and my grandparents are religious about doing happy hour before dinner. It's quite possibly the most adorable thing. A glass of wine, chips and salsa and a quick chat and relaxation before preparing dinner is how we all should do things.

The next morning, grams and I head to town for a stop at the thrift store (to find all the local treasures of course), the coffee stand, the market, and the library. I came away with quite possibly the most fancy 50 cent item I've ever purchased, a pair of clip on mango colored bobble earings, which I'm planning on either wearing to a fun holiday party, or affixing to a coctail dress or cardigan to add some style! Fun stuff!

After returning to the cabin, I fixed a light lunch of pears, brie and crackers. We took a beer, toenail polish, books and watercolors down with us to the beach. It was an afternoon of relaxation and good times with grams.

And here's grams at the beach!

And gramps cooking omlets for us this morning!

My laundry is now in the wash and I'm due for a short run before meeting the man for dinner. It's been a great weekend. What about you?


Awww that looks/sounds SO great!! I love relaxing weekends like that!
Your grandparents are adorable. I love that they have cocktail hour!!
sneakersister said…
I'm jealous!! I love cabins. Your grandparents are so cool!
Heather C said…
ha I love when the "happy hour" is never to be missed! Those are the best. Great pics! Your hair looks so cute!!!

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