Steve's Run, here we come!

So, just one day 'til we hop on the big bird and head to Michigan via Chicago! I'm finally over round two of this crappy cold and felt up for hitting the pavement this morning.

When I woke up I could see grey and feel the cool breeze rather than the usual sun that's been peeking through the windows as of late causing these 95 degree days. But the lungs and throat felt much better so I threw on the shorts, shirt and shoes and grabbed the dog. We did 20 minutes at a decent clip, then I did a few min of yoga and stretching and hit the shower.

It wasn't a six miler, but I'm feeling a little more confident that this Saturday won't totally suck. I'm fired up for Steve's Run! The man still has a bit of a cold so I'm hoping that disappears by tomorrow morning. Either way, this girl is packed for some serious relaxation in the sun, enjoying the lake, and BBQing with the man's family.

I'm trying to use all the leftovers in the fridge (because I hate to see food I spent $$ on, go to waste) so this morning I opted for an egg w/ a slice of cheddar melted on top, accompanied by a slice of tomato, avocado and ham all on top a freshly toasted piece of bread. Basically, a spin on the egg/cheese biscuit. It was awesome!

Tomorrow our flight leaves at 520AM, meaning we need to be awake around 315AM (he lives close to the local airport), which also means it's going to be a short night. I don't know about you, but I often take early flights bc a) they tend to be cheaper and b) i can get where I'm going earlier. The only prob is it throws the bod off schedule. Even though it will be the middle of the night, I'll need breakfast cuz my body will tell me so. I'm thinking pb on toast should hold me for a few hours anyway. Then a few hours later on our second layover, I'll prob be in need of a Starbucks and petite round 2 of breakfast.

And, on flights I like to pack a few healthy snacks so I don't crash and find myself forced to buy a $5 snack pack from the airline. Usually it will be an apple, almonds, maybe a luna bar, something like that. If you're a runner/athlete, you just have to do that, or maybe it's just my paranoia. But when my blood sugar gets low it's not a pretty sight people. So instead, I prepare for the inevitable and save $ along the way.

Do you pack snacks for the plane or road trips? Can you eat bkfst EARLY if you have to be up for a conference, flight, etc? Ok, it's time to crank out a lot of projects on the to do list!


Have a safe trip! So exciting that you are going home w/ the man friend to visit his family - big step for you guys! :)

I also always pack snacks for flights. I'm kind of a 'grazer' that needs a little something every couple of hours and I refuse to pay the $5 for their snack! So I usually bring some animal crackers or something like that.

Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you return! Good luck w that early flight - i hope you can sleep on the plane!
Anonymous said…
I'm always on the early flights because I like to get HOME earlier - and yes, they are usually cheaper :)

I Always pack a snack! It depends on just How early I'm up for the flight, usually i can hold off with breakfast until I get to the airport. I've brought a packet of oatmeal with me a few times, and just asked for hot water at Starbucks and a cup. this worked out really well :) I always have a luna bar and usually some dry cereal with me too. Low Blood Sugar? NEVER fun.

I'm excited for you and your trip!! That's going to be such a good little vacay! Can't wait to hear about it!
Redhead Running said…
That course looks like a lot of fun! You're going to love the tranquil sights of Michigan! ( I grew up there ) Have a blast and I can't wait to read the race report. Have a safe trip!!!
Amber said…
Have a great trip, sounds so fun!

I always pack healthy snacks to take on the plane - apple, banana, veggies, granola bars, whatever! I don't like having to pay for little snacky things and that way I can stay relatively healthy!

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