Wedding reception and cupcakes galore!

After grabbing dinner, it was already 6 pm, time for the wedding reception at the DeSoto Rooftop Terrace to begin! Much to my disappointment, we arrived full bellied to plenty of delicious looking food, including portobello mushroom sandwiches, greek cous cous salad, grilled veggies, salmon and more! I still snagged a few mini sandwiches because they looked so darn good.

We also snagged a table close to the bar and got a round of drinks.

The rooftop

Bride and groom looking fabulous

Soon enough, I spied the dangerously evil cupcakes. I tried both the choc. w/ raspberry icing and choc. w/ peanut butter frosting. The pb was rich, but to die for. Thank god for mini cupcakes!

Little bro Max looking studly

Manfriend and I being silly

And a serious one now...

I never got a full body pic with dress and shoes, but I wore these fabulous gold shoes from Tar-get. They were comfy and the heel wasn't too tiny to get stuck in the wooden slats.

The black strapless dress worked pretty well. I spent $20 getting it altered because it was a dress I bought in college and a few sizes too big. I also spent $18.50 on the pinkish flower from JCrew. I just wanted something a little more visually stimulating than a black dress. I could have also used some fashion tape to keep the dress in place bc that's part of the reason I didn't dance much. Didn't want the girls to make a showing. ;)

Grams and I with matching pashimas. Isn't she so cute?

The wedding party did a coreographed dance to Thriller after the bride and groom's first dance. The bride is a dancer and it actually went pretty well. I also loved that the bridesmaids wore an array of purple/pink dresses in various JCrew styles.

The dance floor was rockin' for a few hours as soon as the Thriller dance ended. I danced maybe 7-8 songs, but otherwise chatted and let the younger guests boogie down.

Me scarfing a cupcake at the end of the night. I didn't drink too much (two glasses of wine maybe), so I compensated with cupcakes.

Since it is Tuesday, I'm already thinking of the weekend. Manfriend and I are headed up to my grandparents' cabin so I won't be able to do my long run there (it's super hilly). Instead, I'm aiming to do my 20 miler after work on Thursday, DOTR style. Hopefully, it won't be too hot. Does anyone do late night runs bc of your schedule or the temps? I hope my bod is able to settle down a few hours after my run so I can sleep.

And on another note, you need to bake these Super-Charge Me! Cookies. They are awesome. I whipped up a batch tonight! The best part is, the batch makes 10-12 cookies so you aren't left with a ton of cookies just asking to be eaten.

Tonight's random question: Did you ever watch soap operas growing up? My mom and I used to watch General Hospital (which I just saw a commercial for) and All My Children. It's amazing that some of the same actors are still on GH!


Julia Cates said…
All photos are good. DeSoto Rooftop Terrace is nice place for reception.
Thanks for share
wedding poems
Gracie said…
I'm doing a post-work 20 miler tomorrow! I'm fretting about the weather, of course. Good luck with it!
Anonymous said…
Love the photos! Looks like you had a great time :)
Anonymous said…
I am so jealous that your feet look so good despite training for a marathon! I've usually lost two toenails at this point in training.... And yes, I've done lots of late night runs, especially when I lived back in DC and it was way too hot to run during the day. I LOVED them. There is something magical/spooky/calming/happy about running in the dark. Have fun!
Anonymous said…
I've never watched a soap opera, EVER. Is that weird? ha..

I love the flower addition to the dress!! Very cute :) You and the MF look great.

Sleep tip post-LR: take some Advil or Ibuprofen. After my 16-miler I could NOT sleep at all, mostly because of nagging aches/pains from the run and an inability to get comfortable. Also, eat anything you can stomach. My appetite was pretty nil and I lay in bed hungry, but not hungry? If that makes sense...eventually I got up and munched on Tortilla chips and a Luna bar to satisfy the stomach :)

Good luck tomorrow! *fingers crossed* we both survive!
Run Jess Run said…
We did GH and I watched All My Children from the womb. I'm mad that Brenda is coming back to GH and they're making a big deal about it. She just needs to go away.

Your Gram is super cute!

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