Oh weekend, don't leave me now

A girl could get used to a three day weekend, seriously. Thursday night after work, I drove my mom and little bro the five or so hours up to my grandparents cabin where they live during the summer. It always promises to be a relaxing, beautiful, soothing-the-soul kind of time.

The cabin (or property rather, as there are multiple simple cabins gramps has built for guests) sits on the waterfront, my grandpa owns a sailboat which he gladly takes us out on whenever the wind picks up and my grandma makes a campfire every morning when she gets up. It's always been my little oasis growing up and as life gets busier, even more so. We've been coming every summer since I can remember and even before then.

My great grandparents bought the property about a 100 years ago and let me tell you, we've put it to good use. As a kid, mom (an elementary school teacher) would drive us up for a week or two at a time a few times during the summer. All the cousins would be there on the beach splashing, sailing, catching crabs, floating, reading, getting burned and having hot dog cookouts.

Gramps cooking pancakes and grams scrambling the eggs!

And because this isn't your typical cabin, there's always the work...the wood splitting, hauling, cutting brush, etc. The kitchen is outside. The cabins are basic A frames built for sleeping with little insulation or amenities other than the lodge (where gramps and grams sleep, where the computer is, and where everyone congregates to read before bed). The campfire, near the outdoor kitchen, is where we sit, chat and drink tea/coffee in the morning before breakfast as everyone is waking up. I wouldn't exchange this place for anything.

And sadly, my three day weekend is quickly coming to an end. Sigh. In better news, I went on a hike and bike ride when I got home. Afterward, the knee was still feeling good and I was feeling ambitious so I set out for a joggy jog to see what would happen. I managed about 12 min of running big laps in the grass around the park before it started nudging me to stop. So I did and finished with some stretches and knee strengthening exercises I found online recently. It's about time this thing started functioning properly.

And that blood donation incident last week...I now have a six inch bruise running down my arm to show for my generous gift.


This is pretty sweet. I get to go see my great-grandparents in a couple of weeks and can't wait. It should be so much fun!!

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