Why I turn my cell phone off at night

Tuesday night, after taking my brother and his gf out for yummy italian, I came home and read blogs and a fiction novel and just generally wasted precious sleeping hours before crashing around midnight. Shortly thereafter, on my way to a deep sleep, I woke to a noise, grabbed my alarm clock thinking it read 5:30 A.M. and got up.

I stumbled across my room to find the noise (the song my cell phone plays after I receive a voicemail). God da*mn f-ing phone. Just shut up already! I grab the phone, but not before grabbing a snack size luna bar that was sitting in my gym bag, opening it and taking a bite! Realizing it's my least favorite flavor, lemon, I throw the rest in the garbage and walk to the kitchen and have a bite of bread. WTF?! I wasn't even hungry.

Opening my phone, I realize it's only 1:30 A.M. Insert more swear words. Dam*it. Precious sleeping time gone to waste.

The funniest part is that all the commotion was caused by previously mentioned crush who I figured wouldn't be calling. Well, he did call and text Tues night/Wed morn and left a very cute message. Alcohol induced or not, it was cute. I didn't delete it. Don't you just love saving voicemails or texts that make you smile later on? Like when my dad texted me about a 1/2 marathon I ran this fall and said "great job. i've been waiting to hear all morning about it. so proud of you. you go girl." Is that not the cutest thing ever? Love you dad!

Anywho, miracle of miracles, I was able to get back to sleep after crazy phone commotion. The whole reason I turn the damn thing off is so that I don't have evenings like that one. I'm the kind of girl who saves a precious few hours to sleep, so she needs those hours to be quality zzz's.

Plus, don't take this the wrong way, but I figure if someone calls in the middle of the night about a friend/loved one who is in bad condition or has passed away, there's nothing I can do about it. Not a single thing. If they died, it already happened. A phone call will not change the outcome, no matter how much I might wish it could. And that my friends, is why I turn my cell phone off before hopping into bed...most nights.


Anonymous said…
I haven't been around lately and wanted to say hi. However, this post wasn't necessarily the right one for me to comment on. I think turning off the cell at night is good but I can see when it would be bad for some people. I pretty much shut off my phone at night but my ex bf used to go save friends from dui's quite often. Anyway, if no one is counting that much on you, it's cool, but i have definitely had a middle of the night emergency or two and thank goodness for those friends.
Britni said…
My husband came to bed around midnight last night (about an hour after I went to sleep) and I woke up and got really mad because I thought it was already time for me to get up and ready for work. I was very relieved to realize I still had six hours of sleep time left.
Anonymous said…
ehhh this has definitely happened to me. which would be why i SHOULD turn my phone off, but I don't. I even got in the shower at like 2:30 a.m. one time. Ooh that was not pleasant.

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