A Cookiestravaganza

Last night, my friend Jenn and I had plans to do some holiday baking. It was a fun excuse to get together (she lives 2hrs away), use lots of butter, and sing Christmas carols while covering cookies with powdered sugar.

The 3 cookies we baked were:
-peppermint sugar cookies
-almond/butter/flour snow balls (I don't remember the real name)
-gingersnaps w/ red and white sugar

Because the cookie making was going to take a while, the manfriend picked up two delite (thin crust) Papa Murphy's take n bake pizzas. Hit the spot for two busy bakers and a manfriend. Now on to the baking...

I got the peppermint sugar cookie idea from who else but We Are Not Martha. Jenn and I however used a box mix of Betty Crocker's sugar cookies, added the appropriate butter and egg and then added the mint extract and the crushed candy cane. Sometimes, shortcuts are perfectly fine.

I'm not usually a sugar cookie fan, but these are just right.

Someone (me) forgot about a batch of sugar cookies in the oven. Who likes the burnt ones?

For the snow balls, we realized sprinkling powdered sugar on them wasn't so pretty. Because I don't have a sieve, we improvised by using my loose leaf tea strainer! It totally worked.

Yep, they look just like the photo on the recipe.

Give me gingerbread anything and I'll love you forever.

And the final product! Jenn bought these cute Martha Stewart Boxes from Macy's.

It was about 11 PM when we finally wrapped up the baking and started cleaning up one hell of a messy kitchen. I was ready to pass out. The end.

In case you missed Mama Pea's adorable peppermint wreath making video, please watch it. For the sake of cute kids and spoiled dinners everywhere. Happy Christmas! I hope you're baking something festive this weekend!

Now I'm off to tackle a vegetarian lasagna for a runner holiday party tonight and a pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrow. Whew. When's nap time??


Wow - busy day of baking for you! The cookies look awesome. What a fun way to spend the day with a friend!

I ran some errands yesterday and then went and met my friend's baby boy. I got to hold him for a good chunk of time and then our other friend held him and my friend curled my hair so I would have a little extra special hair for the party I was goign to last night. I forgot to take a photo though!

I am not doing any holiday baking, but I have been cooking more meals lately. Like peppery garlic shrimp on Friday and today I will probably make a stew or a pot roast possibly?
YUM! Those look SO GOOD. Isn't baking with a friend so much more fun than baking alone??

I have done quite a bit of baking the last couple weeks - now it's all sitting in my freezer and I'm TRYING to resist digging into it :)
Sassy Molassy said…
Lisa- baby holding is the best. It always makes you feel so good.

Amber- I don't know how you resist those cookies in the freezer. Although mine never make it to the freezer so maybe I should try that.
Erin said…
Those cookies look great!!! I have to gear myself up to bake some more this week. My fiance, dad, and I made 500 buckeyes a few weeks ago for a cookie exchange at work. After that--I was "cookied" out. BUT---I'm not happy with what I got back in the exchange--so I need to bake MORE cookies before my big party on Thursday! Might give your cookies a try :) They look so festive!
Lo said…
I'm super impressed by your baking abilities. Those cookies look and sound super yummy! Merry Christmas!
Laura said…
Oooh, those boxes make it look SO fancy! Love it. I unfortunately had to skip the holiday baking this year - just no time :(

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