Working on that to do list...

Last week with some sore legs on a mission to get just a little exercise in, I headed for the hills after work. The manfriend was doing some cyclocross training so I was determined to get out in the wilderness for a while on my own and be friendly with nature.

A lot of times after work I'll go running or just head to a gym or studio for class instead of taking advantage of what's around me.

But on this particular night, forced to be gentle on my body, I knew a sweet little hike would do me juuuust right.

And as you can see, I may also be getting a little photography of the changing leaves around these parts.

The good thing about the hike is that while it provided me with some light exercise, it also reminded me that my glutes and foot were sore and any serious pounding on them (i.e. running) would not be good on my body at that point. I happily obliged and walked the entire 2 miles.

What do you do to help yourself 'stop and smell the roses' so to speak? Getting outdoors has an instant calming effect on me, especially after a long, frustrating day at work. I should do this more often.


Barbara said…
Those pictures are great! I really miss the changing leaves in fall. We don't get that in Florida.
Wow, gorgeous photos! I wish I could have seen Eugene on my trip! Another time, I guess!

Spending time at my parents cabin forces me to 'stop and smell the roses'. Life is slower up there. We don't watch tv. I leave my phone off or in the cabin much of them time. It's glorious!
Outdoors is the way to go! Yoga works too, but it's not Free (usually). ;)
Wow! Is that in your neighborhood?! Fantabulous!
Maile Ann-No, it's not my neighborhood, but it is about a 10 min drive from my office so it's fairly accessible. I just hardly think of it as an after work activity destination.

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