Why I Love Running

This morning was my last "long" run, as it was for many other 10-10-10 marathoners out there. After talking to my physical therapist on Wednesday, she suggested that my last long run not be 8 miles as I had planned, but rather 4-5 at most if it felt good.

I headed to the running group in long pants w/ the compression wrap strapped tightly around my upper right leg to support my hamstring. To play it safe, I decided to walk the first 10 minutes before attempting any kind of run. When I first took off running, it didn't feel good at all so I stopped and walked again after 30 seconds.

A few more minutes of walking and stretching later, I decided to run a few more minutes. Again, not great but manageable. I stopped at the park for water and another stretch after 4 minutes of running. From there, it got better and I didn't stop again until my run was finished.

Eventually, the pain and tightness eased up a bit to the point where I felt that I could mentally feel strong enough about my body's abilities. During the 3.68 miles, there was a lot swirling inside my head. Here's just a sample...

Once again, this marathon is going to be totally different than I first expected.
I'm essentially running on one leg and bringing the other leg along for the ride.
I surrender.
I cannot tell this body what to do.
You can never stretch or ice enough.
I think I could handle this speed and pain for 26.2 miles.
Shiz, I'm running a 7 min pace.
Really, I'm running a 10 min pace?
There go my Boston aspirations.
What time do I need to arrive at the starting line if I need to get a 10-15 min power walk in?

Ultimately, while there was a lot of negative, or realistic talk going on there, the most important thought was that I felt like my legs and body were strong enough to carry me through 26.2 miles. I can do this. I will do this. Six days 'til GO time!

And I almost forgot to tell you Why I Love Running. I realized that after four days of not running, those precious 3.68 miles were soul soothing, invigorating and brought me to a happy place I hadn't been in for the last few days (I tell ya, the bike and elliptical aren't all that). Without running, I simply would not be the same.

Priorities this week: resting and eating well, foam rolling, icing, stretching, destressing, physical therapy and happy thoughts! What are yours? Why do you love running (or whatever your thing is)?


abbi said…
Rest up this week and think happy thoughts so that your love of running will take you through the 26.2 miles next weekend!
Gracie said…
Ok, this will sound weird, but your injury might push you to BQ. Your body knows it is injured and will go to extremes (ie, kick into the sympathetic nervous system) to achieve what you want it to do. I bet you'll surprise yourself! Good luck!
I love running because for the first time in my life, I am doing something that makes me feel athletic. I have never felt athletic until I discovered my love of running!

I hope you have a great, relaxing week! Can't wait to see you in just a matter of days!!! :)
Amber said…
I need to focus on RESTING this week! Yesterday I was super productive with packing, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning etc but I was also on my feet allll day! Tonight I need to plant myself on the couch and stay there!

Gracie-I like the way you think!

Thanks for all the positive thoughts, ladies!
You're definitely strong enough for those 26.2...should you chose to tackle them :) Don't rule out Boston - that half-mara performance earlier last month was Quite impressive!

I love running because it pushes me to challenge myself - my mentality, my will power, my physical strength and my self-defined goals. Soothing & invigorating - couldn't say it better :)
Anonymous said…
I hope you're ok for your race! Tapering is tough enough as it is without an injury :(

Running shows me that I am capable of doing things that I once thought were impossible. It's the bestest :)

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