Portland Marathon Goals and Musings

So where's my head you might ask? Each day it's getting better. As the pain in my hamstring lightens and my body feels strong, my confidence is growing.

Alas, from the very beginning, I wanted to make sure that no matter how this little marathon plays out, I'm satisfied with the outcome. What does that mean? It means I don't have to have a perfect race to be proud of myself on Sunday.

As a result, I've chosen three different goals.

1.) Finish the marathon. Plain and simple.
2.) PR, something under 3:49 (my fastest and first marathon time)
3.) Boston Qualify, 3:40. This seemed more possible about two weeks ago, but I'm remaining positive and am going to listen to my body and push it as I can.

What I know for sure is that all along, running fewer days per week with more focused runs and cross training have made me a stronger runner. I'm excited to see how this marathon goes, as I've learned during each marathon that they are all separate journeys. Something new is always significant about each race.

I'm excited to be headed back to Portland for my FIFTH full marathon. In April 2006, I ran my first half marathon thinking I could never run 26.2. Just six months later, October 2006, I ran my first full marathon. I guess I underestimated myself.

And the funny thing is, not only has it been my fastest marathon, everything went perfectly on race day. I was chipper the entire race. I guess that's the case when you're accomplishing anything big for the first time.

My mom got several more just like this where I'm grinning ear to ear while running.

Since Portland was so good to me before, it's safe to say this one will go just as well, eh?! Yes, I'm going with that.

I'm excited for race day to get here after four months of anticipation. And I can't wait to see Amber and Lisa. We'll be meeting up for the expo on Saturday and then an Italian carbo loading dinner!

If you want to track me or anyone else running the Portland Marathon, click here. My bib number is: 569


Emily said…
GOOD LUCK! I found it really helpful to have multiple goals during my race last Sunday so when my first one became impossible I still had other goals to keep me going and feeling good about my race. you're going to rock it! Can't wait to hear all about it
Redhead Running said…
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! Just listen to your body and everything will be fine! So excited for you chica!!!

I hope we see another load of pictures with Full-face grins :) Enjoy the race!!!
Run Jess Run said…
Good luck!!! I'll be sending you happy hammy thoughts on Sunday!!
Thanks everyone! I'm ready to rock this thing.
I love that smiley running photo of you! Good luck with your race! :)
great blog :)
visit mine: http://n3rdsuffmponyhof.blogspot.com/
thx =)
Raquelita said…
I hope that it went well, Lauren, and that you spent a lot of time running and grinning again!

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