How we met

Miss Amber mentioned on my Favorite Moment of 2009 post that she wanted to hear the story on how we met. Oops, did I leave that out?

Well, yes, yes I did. Why? I guess it was the 1st real boyfriend (manfriend) and I didn't want to get ahead of myself. Plus, I wasn't sure how much he needed to be included in this blog. But now that we've been together an entire year (today is our anniversary) and he's often mentioned in posts, I guess it's time to spill.

Last Halloween I was in San Francisco for work and therefore missed our runner's Halloween party to which this very attractive man showed up. As soon as I got back I saw pictures with said man in them and asked "who is that?" He happened to be a cycling friend of one of the runners. He soon got the attention of many of the single ladies in our group when he started showing up for Sunday and Monday runs.

One Thursday eve after our SPEED workouts at the pub, I was so bold to compliment him on his glasses. Hey, I thought he looked good in them and hadn't seen him wear them before. Shortly after, we were at a party and I was chatting him up and busting a few moves on the living room floor with my friend, D. Unbeknownst to me, at that party one of his female friends said "That girl's got spunk. You should go after her." And thank goodness he did!

For the next few weeks I just let the other girls talk about him and wonder what his story was (attached? single?). I felt the same, but thought "These girls are more aggressive than I am. I won't be pursuing him."

Well, on NYE there was another runner's party, a pajama party in fact to which both manfriend and I attended. I brought sweet potato cheesecake w/ maple whip cream, which I don't doubt helped woo him. (This is by far the most delicious thing I've ever baked.) The beverages and flirting probably didn't hurt either. ;)

After midnight, we shared a few kisses and the rest was history. The dates came fast and furious after that because he didn't want me to leave his sight. A little over a year ago I would have never thought this would be the outcome of 2009. It just goes to show that when your situation/job/life isn't going how you'd like it, things can change in an instant. Take it from a girl who was beginning to believe she'd never find someone to love.


Amber said…
Awwwww! I LOVE your story. So great. Love comes from the most unexpected places hey :) Thanks for sharing!
Lauren Wang said…
Happy Anniversary! And I need the sp cheesecake recipe.. sounds yummy!
Ahh! What a cute story! I love hearing stories of how people met. It always gives me hope that I can meet someone in the most random way!

If I am still single in like 6 months, maybe I will make that recipe and stand on a street corner & see if THAT will attract a man for me. :)
Anonymous said…
I *remember* the dates coming along...I did Not know the NYE story ;) Go, Sass!!

I also remember the girl-who-thought-she''s always funny the way things come along so unexpectedly :) happy for ya!!!!

Unknown said…
That's such a great story! That sounds like how I felt when I met my boyfriend. Really thought at 23, I would be an old maid for sure. hehe
Thanks for all the great comments, ladies. Lisa-that cheesecake seriously would attract some taste testers. From there, you'll have 'em hooked. ;) But in all seriousness, after trying eharmony for 6 months about 2 yrs ago and having no luck, it was a relief to meet someone the normal way in the small city of 150k I live in, doing something I love...running. I would never have expected it to turn out that way.
Mandy said…
Happy belated anniversary! Thats such a cute story.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more.
Redhead Running said…
Awwwww Happy Anniversary! I love a good LOVE story as I am currently in the beginning stages of it myself! Cheers to great running love story!
siri said…
Aww, so sweet.
Just read your story. It's very cute :) I have a similar one and I always smile when I think back to those early days when I was sure he was going to get snagged by someone else. :)

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