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Doesn't it seem like I just ventured off to the Oregon Coast for a three day weekend? ;) Well, that's because I did. So, here I go again! This time: to meet up with the high school girls, go running in the rain, drink some wine/beer and play board games! There will be eight of us sharing a fabulous cabin in Cannon Beach, often rated one of the top beaches in the world. I can't believe I've never visited and I live in Oregon!

On another note, yesterday I signed up for the Portland Marathon and will get the chance to finally meet Amber and Lisa! It will in fact be my second blogger meet up at the Portland Marathon. The first blogger I met was the fabulous Absolut(ly) Fit Laura two years ago when my friend K ran the marathon. Anyone else have the itch to do Portland 2010? There's plenty of time to get some base training in before you hop on the grid. And on that note, are there any 1/2 full marathons in the next 5-7 months you're signing up for? Let me know!

And, I need your suggestions for:
1) pump me up jams (think 80s-90s rock/dance music) that are motivational for running
2) your favorite movies as of late! This girl needs some flicks to add to her Netflix queue.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said…
I will definitely consider a trip to Portland in October!!!

In the meantime - let me know if you want to come to DC for any half-ms!! We're probably doing at least two between April and May :) Might sign up for one in boston with Lacey too!
Amber said…
I can not get enough of the song "Watchya Say" lately! Haha

SO excited for the marathon. And all these Oregon coast photos/posts are making me think a little trip out there might be necessary when me and Lisa are in Portland! Is it a long trip??
I can not wait for our meet up!! Ahh! Going to be so much fun!

I am in need of some new upbeat music for running as well... I haven't bought any for the longest time so my play list is getting way old & boring!!
Run Jess Run said…
"Don't Stop" makes me dance!

I have "The Nanny Diaries"...haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it's good.
sneakersister said…
Enjoy Cannon Beach, I love that place!! Sooooo gorgeous.

One of these days I will definitely be back in Oregon and maybe even for a destination race. I miss it so much.
Thanks for all the comments ladies! Having a lot of fun with the girlfriends in Cannon Beach. And Trials-Seriously thinking of visiting DC for the first time to do a 1/2. Boston is another place I've never been to but need to. Hmm...

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