Time to sign up for another marathon!

I think you'll all agree that it's about time I got back to talking about the running a bit more. It's not that it hasn't been happening, I just haven't been training for anything. I'm still running 4-5 days a week, 4-7 miles at a time, but it's not leading up to anything. Not necessarily a bad thing, but there are races I want to conquer and it's time I put a few on the books for 2010.

So, I'd love your suggestions for super awesome 1/2 and full marathons. Please tell me 1) what makes this race better than others? 2)why that location (city/scenery)? and 3) what is the don't miss attraction when you visit the city for said half/full marathon? I like to travel places for races so I not only get to push myself physically and mentally, but also explore a new part of the country.

A few on my radar are:
1) Napa Valley Marathon Can you say beautiful with a hint of wine?
2) New York City Marathon I heart NYC.
3) California International Marathon Flat and fast? Yes, please!
4) Cincinnati Flying Pigs Marathon I've heard it's awesome!
5) Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon for a possible blogger meet up. I'm not so psyched about the location (hilly), but I'm all for it if I can do that 1/2 AND meet some blogettes!

Thanks for your help!


Amber said…
Psssst.... Lisa from Lisa Yarns and I are meeting up for a full marathon in the fall (Octoberish) we haven't picked the exact marathon yet but we've narrowed it down to a few selections. And are announcing it on our blogs after we decide!

Interested in joining us?? Email me :) XO
Yep - Amber & I are researching fall marathons - hoping to find one in October possibly?

I'm doing a 1/2 in Minneapolis in May so will start training for that on Feb 7th. I've also been running, but haven't trained since I did my last half on Halloween. I'm looking forward to getting back on the 'grid'. :)
Britni said…
Ha well you and me are the opposite I think. I'm preparing for all sorts of races by not running at all. Pick a good one :)
Anonymous said…
I love big races because of the crowd support and fun race Swag :) I think the Napa Valley race sounds Awesome - you can Not go wrong with a little vino and a beautiful course!!

Any interest in visiting the Nation's Capital??? :) I'd be happy to play tour guide *and* run with you, of course!
siri said…
The Twin Cities Marathon, of course!

First Sunday in October, hailed as "The most beautiful urban marathon in the country", starts downtown MPLS. and ends downtown St. Paul in front of the capitol, runs along the Mississippi, around the Minneapolis "chain of lakes" and co-incides during the peak of the autumn leaf change. What's not to love? Oh, plus you'd be cheered on by thousands of sweet Minnesotans, just like me! (Full marathon/10k, no 1/2).
Anonymous said…
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Laura said…
I'm doing the 1/2 at the Flying Pig. People in our group have done the full and while it is a fun event, it is not an easy course. I am in for the for fun.
Raquelita said…
I just came across your blog. I really envy you for being able to train in a part of the country that isn't snowy and icy all winter long. I also wanted to say that a good friend of mine has done the Flying Pig and loved it. I considered doing it (well the half) this year, but realized I'm signed up for a half-marathon the weekend before.

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