Your favorite moment of 2009?

Chrissy at Glamour's Storked got me reminiscing on 2009. Since I'm in Rose Bowl central, it doesn't really feel like New Year's Eve, but all the same I'm enjoying it.

My favorite moment of 2009 happened early on in the year. Jan. 1st, in fact. It was an early morning after a fun night of drinks with the runners. Bleary eyed and dehydrated, I woke up on the couch at a friend's house. The manfriend got up to leave around 8am saying he had to go let his dog out. He asked for my phone number, kissed me goodbye and said he would call soon.

Being me, I wasn't positive I'd hear from him. But sure enough, the next day (and conveniently my birthday) I was lounging in a comfy chair in Borders reading a book and writing in my journal when I got a text from him. Shortly after, a date was confirmed for a few nights later and the rest was history.

Tell me, what was your favorite moment or memory from 2009?


I didn't know that you and the manfriend had been together THAT long!! Wow, I think a story is in order soon because I swear that he all of a sudden just "popped up" on the blog almost out of nowhere :P

Happy New Year, love AND Happy Early Birthday!!! XO
Sassy Molassy said…
hahaha...amber, just for you there will be more of a story. It's kind of funny...well, to me anyway. Plus, you can't divulge a relationship until you're pretty sure it's something solid, ya know? I guess I was hesitant at first to write about him just because I was so used to being the single girl. Didn't want to jinx it. ;) Happy New Year!
Yep, totally didn't know how you & the man friend met! Happy Anniversary! :)

I think the best moment of 2009 was getting my MBA. I was so proud of myself for getting my masters - and SO relieved to be done with school. Forever.
Sassy Molassy said…
Lisa-that's a good one. I'm ready to go back to school and just trying to figure out for what. I always think an MBA will help anyone's career because it's so versatile.
Anonymous said…
I remember following the story of you and the Man, always being so happy for you! Even over the world wide web, you seemed pretty content with how things were going... ;)

*happy belated birthday!!!*

Sorry 'bout the Ducks - I hope you still had a good time in Rose Bowl Central :)

My fave-moment so far....moving to DC, definitely.

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