Lemon Rosemary Buttons

Last night after a nice return to my boot camp class (I was rocking the running/sprinting in place and weights portions of class), I came home and fixed myself a nice little bean/cheese/tomato/spinach quesadilla. Then it was time to get down to business!

With so many new cookie recipes filling my cookbook these days, I'm on a mission to try several of these out before Christmas arrives. So last night, I tackled these guys. I was attracted to them by the rosemary, which is not often an ingredient in a cookie. But I trusted Sunset wouldn't lead their readers astray.

First the flour, sugar, salt, zest of lemon and chopped rosemary. Doesn't it look pretty? I love the color combo! Kind of Ducky if I do say so myself. ;)

Next, I was supposed to use a cookie cutter before baking the shortbread. But I think I mixed the butter/flour/sugar combo too much and it just didn't want to stick together, therefore making the cookie cutters IMPOSSIBLE to use.

In a pinch, I decided to just bake a flat sheet of the shortbread and use the cookie cutters as soon as I popped it out of the oven. Worked pretty good in my opinion. The glaze was a mix of powdered sugar, lemon zest and lemon juice. I love the finished look topped with a sprig of rosemary!

All packed up to be shipped to my grandma!

While mine didn't turn out as lovely as Sunset's (they never do), they taste absolutely divine! Bake these immediately and send to a good friend or loved one. You won't regret it. Happy holiday baking!


Amber said…
Yummm. It's cookie season and those look GOOD! I'm going to do some baking next week :)
Anonymous said…
ha, yes, very "duck-ish"! ;)

makes me wonder what kind of blue-n-white dessert concoction I could come up with...

Love the glaze and cookie shape, I still think they look delicious!
Kerry said…
Thanks for posting this recipe! I was struggling to figure out what to bring to a holiday party tonight and this saved me! I made them last night and they are delicious!

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