A Christmas Tree

A few weekends ago, the man and I headed out into the great outdoors for a hike and a Christmas tree. After a nice hike, hot springs and driving, we arrived at a local family farm and selected a Christmas tree. I've been meaning to post these for a while, so here goes.

Searching for a lovely pre-cut tree (yep, we were lazy like that)

Then took a stroll through the still living ones...

Peeking around the tree!

Whoa, close up!

Man friend happy to have a tree this Christmas!

The past few years I've missed having a tree so it's very nice to have our own this year. Man friend isn't going home to the midwest for the holidays so he appreciates having a little holiday cheer around the house. Not to mention the fact that I'm playing Bing, Mariah and Chipmunks' Christmas cd's. What's your favorite holiday music? Do you have Christmas decorations up yet?


I can't wait to have a real tree! They are banned in my condo association due to a fire hazard rule or something. :( Boo.

Your tree looks awesome!!

My favorite Christmas CD is "Christmas with the Rat Pack". It's the best!!
Anonymous said…
I came back from Thanksgiving and my house (in DC) had a HUGE gorgeous tree! It made me so happy :)

It's fun to go pick out your own - maybe it'll be a tradition with you and the man from now on ;) haha

LOVE your new profile pic, too!!

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