Oh, 2012

You were a good one. How could I not look back on you with a smile on my face?

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful life is when I look back on all the photographs, blog posts, memories from the year. It's easy to forget those fun moments and dwell on the current stress. But life's too short NOT to savor every fabulous moment we have together  (personal reminder).

So, I've compiled a list of some of my favorite things from the year to share with you.

My favorite memory

A marriage proposal at Hayward Field, a 9 min marathon PR, and almost getting that Boston qualifier. Can a girl ask for much more? Well, other than that BQ... not much. Never did I think the manfriend would propose at the end of the Eugene Marathon in front of a crowd. 

Eugene Marathon posts

My favorite view

There are few times in life that I just completely let loose and relax. But five days in Mexico with my best friend and man of my dreams? Perfection. I loved this view around the pools one night at sunset on our first official vacation together. 

Puerto Vallarta posts

My favorite look(s)


Casual and comfy are my favorite kind of outfits. It's no surprise that these summer looks won out over any fall/winter option. 

Fashion Friday posts

My favorite run/race

Hagg Lake 25K was muddy as hell, but so much fun. I didn't care about running particularly fast. I trained well and just enjoyed the race. This year, I'm letting the manfriend have all the fun. This will be his first trail race!

My favorite bite(s)

Veggie tostadas, rehearsal dinner at my brother's wedding, tuna melts on a snow day and homemade rosemary margarita pizza and I could go on. Nothing stood out as epically amazing, but these were some of the good ones I documented.

My favorite sunrise

Sunrise from the top of a mountain from a fire lookout. A 360 degree view makes sunrise and sunset pretty epic. I have a post in the works about this little adventure.

My favorite sunset

Sunset over LA during my trip to the Rose Bowl. The sunrise was just about as equally epic. 

So there you have it, some of my favorites of 2012! 2013 is sure to be a good one. I'm looking forward to our wedding and so many other adventures in the new year.

Workout Fun
I wanted to share my workout from Christmas Eve morning with you guys. It was a perfect way to fight boredom and the impending holiday treats!

*Christmas Eve Booty Blast*

 1. Set up your bike trainer (or pick an alternative cardio choice like running around the block, jumping jacks, elliptical, alternate between various cardio moves)
2. Set out dumbbells and yoga mat if needed

Turn on itunes/pandora and cardio blast it for the entire 3-5 minutes of the song. Be sure it's peppy music so you're not spinning or jumping jacks to Celine Dion. ;)

3-5 min cardio
1 min strength
*complete 4-8 rounds 

Sample workout
Warm up with Fitnessista's SANTabata (8 min)

0-4:00 spin (or your choice of cardio)
4-5:00 12 pushups, 20 dips
5-8:00 spin with speed bursts
8-9:30 push ups, dips, bent over rows w/ 15lb dumbbells
9:30-12:00 spin with bursts
12-13:00 plank hold
13-17:00 spin, increase resistance
17-19:00 squats w/ dumbbells, squatting tricep kick backs, bicep curls
19-23:00 spin w/ bursts
23-24:00 squats w/ dumbbells, handstand push ups against the wall
24-27:30 spin
27-32:00 ab series: 20 suitcase crunch, 50 bicycles knee to elbow, legs 90 deg and touch toes x 20
32-35:00 spin w/ bursts and 1 min slow spin
35-37:00 stretch whatever needs stretchin'

So warm up included, I got a sweatastic workout done in just 45 minutes! 

What were a few of your favorites of 2012? Happy Sunday! I'm off to get my sweat on at hot yoga!


Tasha Malcolm said…
You had an awesome year! I love that you go proposed to at the finish line in Eugene. That is cool and a great story.

I also can't go over how much I love your style. You are always dressed so cute!

I was thinking about posting my Christmas Eve workout too. Farmgirlfit was closed that day so for the first time in months I broke out my kettle bells and did a workout on my own. It was weird, but fun!
2012 was an awesome year for you! I will never forget the excitement of getting that text message saying that the manfriend had proposed! I got goosebumps and was SO thrilled for you two! :) I love that he totally surprised you!!

I am doing a post of my favorite moments of 2012 tomorrow - lots of great things happened to me as well!
Unknown said…
Your year is full of great memories! I have no doubt you'll always remember Eugene 2011 :) What a special day!

Hagg lake looks like it was fun! I hope the manfriend enjoys mud , haha.

Would love to run with you on ridgeline sometime. I need to get in some good trails this spring. :)
Danuta G said…
Awesome year! Happy New Year Lauren!
Raquelita said…
You had a fantastic 2012! I love your photo of the proposal and the one from Mexico especially.

I think some of my favorite moments from 2012 were being offered my job, moving into our new house, and snuggling with my nieces.

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