The Rehearsal

After a short visit with Andrew and Audrey (and their dog Poppy), it was time to say goodbye.

Sure could get used to this view from their neighborhood.

Their adorable newly painted house

We had a short 2.5 hour drive up to San Rafael (just north of San Francisco), checked into our hotel and said hi to everyone. 

I did a lot of reading on this trip when Pete was driving. I switched between wedding planning library books and Glamour magazines. 
Bottom line: I have no idea how people do weddings on a limited "budget." Wish me luck. 

Comfy travel outfit!

Soon enough it was time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

The church they got married at was St. Vincent School for Boys. It was beautiful inside and out. 

My dress for the rehearsal was a recent Tar-get find. 

After the rehearsal, we headed to Rickey's for rehearsal dinner. We had a great buffet of grilled salmon, roasted chicken, asparagus, green salad, deeeelicious cornbread and fingerling potatoes. 

Dad & mom

All the bridesmaids together now with Sabrina (in black). Some of us were Sabrina's relatives (or soon to be) or high school/college friends.

And the groomsmen with Kyle (in red) friends, relatives and Sabrina's brothers.

My youngest brother Max and the manfriend

After dinner, I requested a little photo shoot with the happy couple. Seriously adorable. 

Next up is the wedding! I had so many great photos that I figured splitting up the rehearsal and wedding would be best. 

The manfriend and I took Monday off work and it was much needed after the 9 hour drive home and an exhaustively fun weekend. Happy Tuesday!

Anyone have a good recipe you're planning to make for the 4th of July? I'm hoping to make a cold pasta salad for a BBQ we're attending.


Raquelita said…
I love your rehearsal dress! The color combo is so fun.
I also love your rehearsal dress! Very pretty! Looks like a great weekend, your brother and SIL look so happy! Can't wait to hear more :)
Taylor said…
Looking forward to hearing about the wedding and maybe about the cold pasts salad you're making! Happy 4th to you all!
Your dress is adorable! I need to go to Target to find a cheap/cute dress for a wedding this weekend. :-)
Very cute dress! I hope your pasta salad turned out great. I make one with cous cous, which is really good -- with chopped celery, tomatoes, basil, balsamic and olive oil. It's so cool and delicious!
I love your dress!! I didn't see that at target! Otherwise I would have bought it. The food looked amazing. I love weddings but I especially love the rehearsal dinner as its a smaller, more intimate group!

I didn't make any recipes for the 4th! I just didn't get my act together. We had a huge family get together, there were 36 of us there - and LOTS of kids!!

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