Miles Like Whoa

Fourth of July was a success on several fronts. I started the day with a 7 am trail run, meeting a speedy friend at the trailhead. We ran the full length of the Ridgeline and then doubled back to make 12 miles.

It was a beautiful morning with some peaceful views of the city and valley below. Speedster Porter forced me to run more than I might have up the hills and pick up my pace when I just wanted to mosey along.

But after the trail party, I was compelled to run another 2 miles along the water front to see the finishers of the local 10K - Butte to Butte. My legs basically called it quits right before completing two miles. That was my cue to head into REI and stock up on Shot Bloks and then walk to a local coffee shop for a latte.

That walk to and from the coffee shop with the sun kissing my face was success #2. Moment upon moment of complete peacefulness - I don't often let that happen in my life.

At home, I followed it up with a little strength session and a short spin on the bike in hope of shaking out the soreness in my legs.

Then it was time to get to work on the cold pasta salad for a friend's BBQ.

Easy peasy and a perfect meal for hot days! Success #3

Ingredients: tri color spiral pasta (or whole wheat), green bell pepper, red onion (or sweet), sliced olives, roasted garlic cloves, chopped tomatoes or cherry tomatoes halved. Optional: salami/pepperoni, feta/mozarella chunks

Seasoning: garlic salt, cracked pepper, olive oil, vinegar - all to taste.

After you've put everything together (be sure to cool the pasta with cold water after it's done cooking), it's time to chill for a few hours.

The night ended with watching fireworks from our back deck.

After said mileage and holiday success, my legs weren't exactly up for a run tonight. They felt like poo. Lactic acid and hill climbing residue is my best guess, but whoa.

Sure, I've felt tired and slow on runs before, but today I stopped to walk around mile two because my legs just didn't want to go. I continued on walking/running for another mile until I decided that my body was telling me something very clear - take it easy. Rest up. Or else.

And more importantly, I listened! Slowly, but surely, I might learn to practice my own advice.

Another running win: I finally ordered a new pair of running shoes. Putting it off can only last so long.


Liz said…
So smart to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs! I struggle with this all the time but as I get older, I seem to get wiser. :) That pasta salad looks great, love delicious cold meals in the summer!
Sounds like a great 4th! I love cold pasta salads - they are perfect for steamy summer get togethers! Nice work on all the miles + strength training + biking! Ufda, you fit a lot into one day!! :)

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