Saturday in Photos

Saturday was one of those perfect weekend days where I sort of took it easy and enjoyed every minute. I don't know about you, but some weekends I just don't give myself the chance to really let that weekend feeling sink in. It's important to remember how necessary our weekends are for chilling out and recharging for the week ahead. 

The morning started with a bike ride to and from an awesome power yoga class led by Kira. Perfect vibe, challenging, yet just what I needed stretching wise.

It was such a beautiful morning after yoga that I just rode around downtown admiring some of the adorable historic houses.

And the river...

Jonah Bell peeking outside at another dog. We keep the curtains closed on really hot days to keep the heat out.

Then it was off to the blueberry farm for the first day of the 'you pick' season!

I picked about 6-7 lbs of organic blueberries for $7.50. Major score.

That evening we headed up to my parents' house for a little BBQ. The happy couple is back from Hawaii, so it was fun to catch up and just eat some good food with the family.

This cowboy tried on my dad's old Stetson hat.

And finally, we were treated to some pretty views on the drive home as the farmers were cutting their fields at sundown.

While it was a pretty busy day, it was also a much needed low key day on the exercise front. My legs were sore from the several days of running, hill work and strength training. Plus, I knew I would be beating them up on the trails today with 3 hrs of running.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


It looks like you had a really fun weekend. I had a blast because my BFF came up from Portland for the weekend. We had a little too much fun. :-)
Leigh said…
Sounds like a fabulous weekend! What do you have planned for all of those blueberries?
Lindsey said…
Sounds like a great Saturday! I can't wait to go to Kira's class next weekend. I have been missing it big time.
Sounds like a great weekend! Those blueberries sound awesome and that is a STEAL.

My weekend was great as well. I didn't have much planned going into it, but ended up having lunch and dinner with 2 different friends on Sat and brunch with some college friends on Sunday. I also fit in 16 miles on Sat morning and lots of things I've been putting off like laundry, ironing, and organizing things around my condo (although I probably didn't do as much organizing as I should have!)
Kerry said…
Ooh! Where did you blueberry pick?
J said…
I went blueberry picking too! I picked about 12 pounds! It was intense! Now we have so many blueberries. I am making muffins tonight and freezing a bunch too.

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