The Search is on...

Hello! If it seems like I haven't talked much about wedding planning here, well, it's because not much has been going on in that realm. 

Sure, I've been reading a few books and magazines and oohing and awing over all of the great/fun/unique ideas out there. 

But overall, the books I've read on planning a wedding on a budget say AGAIN and AGAIN, set your priorities and stick to them. Don't let all the minutia get you off track (trust me, it seems easy to get caught up in the possibilities). 

So yesterday, I took the day off work and my mom and I headed to central Oregon for a little sight searching. Why Central Oregon? It's about a 2.5 drive from Eugene, but when you step outside in Bend/Sisters, OR, you instantly smell the fresh pine and sage and see the beautiful landscape. 

Pete and I aren't sure this is where our wedding will be, but central Oregon definitely feels like "us."

And how can you not love seeing views of the Three Sisters mountains around any corner?

We looked at a few venues with lots of exposed wood like I'm looking for...

And even some water...

After seeing a few locations, it was time for grub! I requested lunch at Deschutes Brewery - I love their Black Butte Porter (and the awesome food).  

I ordered the Black Butte burger (locally grown beef) with mushrooms and cheese on top with sweet potato fries on the side! Mom had version of the cobb salad. 

My beverage of choice was "the cyclist" AKA the radler in Germany - a mix of hefeweizen and lemonade. Definitely refreshing without getting me tipsy. 

After a filling lunch, we took a nice 20 min walk around the gorgeous neighborhood lining the water near downtown Bend. Much needed after so much driving and sitting!

And then it was back in the car to check out two more venues before heading home. 

While a few of the locations are pretty and definitely possibilities, I wasn't sold on any of them. 

Honestly, I know it takes a little bit of looking, but I was really hoping to walk away from this trip with a clear decision. The good thing is, I took a lot of photos for the manfriend to see and looking back on them is actually helping me see the spaces in a different light.

It's definitely possible that we'll come back to one of these locations and pull the trigger. But for now, I think we have a little more research and venue visiting to do. Gah...

Anywho, that's where things are at. I really want to nail down the location before I start doing fun stuff like dress shopping, decorations, flowers, etc.

Is everyone else excited for the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight? We were just about to cancel cable after the Tour de France when we realized we needed it for the Olympics!


Good luck picking out our venue. I know that it can be a tough choice, but you really need to love the location. Try to get one that allows you different catering companies as options. We had to use the caterer where we got married and it was EXPENSIVE. Like $40 a plate expensive!
Leigh said…
That's fun that you went to check out some wedding venues! I think you are right....when planning a wedding, it's easy to get caught up what "they" think you need at a wedding. Stick to what you and Pete want and it will all work out :)
I think Central Oregon is beautiful! I really loved the Bend/Sisters area and hope that you guys can find something there! I have never planned a wedding, but even with buying a car, you kind of want to just CHOOSE already, so it's easy to pick something you aren't totally sold on instead of having to keep looking! But this is your day! Do it the way you want to! Don't sell yourself short!
Picking a venue and date was by far the MOST stressful part of wedding planning for me. Luckily I *knew* I wanted our venue almost as soon as I found it online. The lack of Saturday availability and cost almost held me back from it at first but I'm glad I went ahead with it because our wedding was everything I could have wanted and more!

Once you have a venue nailed down it will feel more like smooth sailing. Good luck!! :)
Anonymous said…

They have a really pretty outdoor space!! Check them out
I have been so curious about your wedding planning, but didn't want to ask about it as I figured you get so many questions from the people in your life already! I can't wait to see what you pic, though! That area does seem like a great fit for your wedding, though, and reflects the things you and Manfriend love the most! :)

I am super duper excited for the olympics! This is really the ONLY sporting event (err, series of sporting events) that I get excited for!!
Gracie said…
I agree about budgeting. I made a budget based on what I cared about and if I didn't care about it I didn't include it: or minimized it. We came in a few hundred dollars under our already slim budget, but none of our guests could tell!
Yay, I love the Olympics and thought the opening ceremonies were great! :)

Those venues look really nice, I hope you decide on something you are happy with though- its definitely an important part :)
If nothing else, this looks like a unique way to spend the day - not to mention the gorgeous scenery to take in. Love the mountain shot :)

It would totally make sense to pick the venue and then go with how that feels when picking everything else. You'll find the place that feels perfect for you two!
KaylaKrumvieda said…
I grew up in Sisters and have a few suggestions.. all three include exposed wood and water. Two are in Camp Sherman... House on Metolius and Lake Creek Lodge. The other is in Bend and is called Skyliners Lodge. Good Luck!
Stefanie RI said…
We've been thinking about Central OR too. I like that the "wedding season" is a little longer over there. More months with lower chance of rain. :)

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