Fashion Friday: Funky Fun

Today's Fashion Friday is a little spin on my usual fashion post. 

This fashion is thanks to my good friend Jessica who makes crafts for our high school group when we get together for mini reunions. These crafts are often items we can wear - headbands, themed shirts and even socks! 

The last time we had an event, she gave me some pretty sweet socks. I can't say the entire running community is dying to have a pair, but they sure give me joy to wear them. 

Behold: the bike sock...

and the running man sock...

All hand puff painted just for me!

I can joke about them, but seriously, every time I put them on, they put a smile on my face. And I'm sure any runners or gym goers seeing me sport these get a kick out of it too.

So there you go. Maybe next time you're getting together with friends, bring them all puff painted socks. It could very well turn into their favorite pair!

What's your unexpected favorite item of clothing? 

A special Happy Birthday to my grandmother who turned 80 this week!

Grandma Jean is an amazing woman who I'm proud to call my grams. She'll be celebrating with a party at their cabin on the Puget Sound.

Her favorite part about their summer life on the sound is sitting by her campfire at 5 am. And some mornings I just picture myself there, drinking tea and chatting as the sun comes up.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Amber said…
So cute!! Happy Birthday to your grandmother!
Love the socks! Those are fun and they would totally make me smile, too!

Happy Birthday to your sweet Grandma! What an amazing woman to have in your life. That's so cute that she wakes up so early and sits by the fire!

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