Sailing into July 4th

Happy 4th of July! I hope you're doing something fun. I've heard of some folks making patriotic playlists for their holiday BBQ's - love the idea, corny and all.

I ran 18 FREAKING miles of tough trail yesterday. It wasn't too hilly per say, but it was very technical. Probably about 6 of the 18 miles were technical enough that I was looking down at most moments. Rocks, lava rock and roots were everywhere.

Because I'm so graceful, I managed to trip and fall once cutting my left knee a bit and causing it to swell. Luckily, it wasn't bad enough to stop the run because I still had 6+ miles left until we reached the parking lot.


I thought I'd share some fun photos from our sailboat ride last week at my grandparents' cabin. The manfriend's smartphone has a great camera and I was enjoying playing around with it and testing out the special features.

At 80 yrs old, my grandfather still moves very comfortably around his 25' sailboat. I tell ya, my grandparents have figured out the secret to youthfulness: exercise, book reading, healthy eating, staying up-to-date with technology and red wine.

Have you ever been sailing? It is so relaxing, especially when someone else is at the helm! ;)

Now that July is here (how did that happen?), I am in heaven watching the Tour de France again. I upgraded our basic cable for the month of July so we can watch the Tour on Versus whenever we please. Then, I'll cancel the cable. We simply don't need it.

Yoga update: I've been doing a few short sun salutations this weekend because it's been sooo busy, but I'm determined to do a full podcast today. These legs are begging for it. Day 4 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Are you in??


That's sooo great that your grandpa is still so active and healthy!

I have never been sailing but I would love to go!
Lindsey said…
Awesome job with your long trail run yesterday!

I love your grandparents secret to youthfulness. Your sailing photos are great!

Happy 4th of July!
My paternal grandparents are/were very spry for their age. My grandpa has since passed, but my grandma is in her upper 80s and when i go over to her house, she will sometimes climb up on top of this table/ledgeand grab something from a book shelf for me and I am like - ahh, let me do that. But she said she still feels great and doesn't even really have any aches and pains. It's unbelievable! She walks every day with her best friend and I think that's the secret to her health. I think/hope she will live healthily into her 90s!

I have never been sailing but I would love to some day!

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