Bite of Eugene

Yesterday, after surviving 20 miles of trail, the manfriend and I biked down to the Bite of Eugene festival. The evening included an Iron Chef contest, tasty bites from local eateries (some we hadn't tried before) and some refreshing drinks.

My bites: chicken taco, BLT slider w/ basil aoili, pulled pork sandwich, pinot gris and chocolate caramel crunch ice cream. No pictures of food were taken because they were quickly inhaled in no time at all. :) Some bites were bigger and better than others, but it was a fun night with friends, community and good music.


kware said…
For some reason this post in particular makes me miss Eugene (and you and the man friend of course).

20 miles - you beast! So impressed.
Raquelita said…
A long run and a food festival sound like the perfect way to spend a day!
Amber said…
That looks like so much fun! I wish we had something like that here. And you definitely deserved to have MANY bites after 20 miles in the trails!!!

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