Okay Body, You Win.

Whether it was the 6 + 18 milers I ran this weekend or the limited amount of sleep (~6hrs, 3 nights in a row) or the fact that the manfriend brought a nasty cold home, sickness hit me hard.

Within a few hours of the manfriend getting home from a work trip on Monday, I felt my throat a little scratchy and I knew what was coming next. We stayed inside watching the Tour de France, napping and chugging fluids on what was a beautiful July 4th.

Tuesday morning sure enough, I felt worse and Wednesday worse again. I left work a few hours early yest. to try to nap. I hate when you do everything right and still, the only thing your body responds to is time and rest. But still, I pop zinc lozenges, drink Emergen-C and guzzle water like it's my job.

But exercise has been close to nada both Tues and Wed beyond a few walks and some gentle yoga/strength. Trust me, it wasn't easy. The ONE thing I want to do when I'm sick is get my sweat on. Here's hoping I feel good enough for an easy run today!

On the yoga front, I managed about 10 minutes of a yoga podcast yesterday morning after 20 minutes of Jillian's strength circuits.

This week's challenge poses:

Downward dog - not challenging you're probably thinking. But seriously, get in downward dog and stay there for two minutes. Walk your dog (alternate bending each knee) for a bit. Then just relax and think about all the parts of your pose and stretching yourself out. Don't your lower legs and back feel HAPPY?

Handstand against the wall - Some of you may be a bit more advanced and can do handstand any old place. Not me. I need the wall. But it's a good tool to use to become more self sufficient. Try pushing gently away from the wall and see how long you can hold it on your own. Now try (w/ your feet touching the wall) doing a slight handstand push up! Can you feel it working those shoulders?

And for anyone else stuck with a nasty summer cold like me, check out these 7 Poses to Relieve Cold & Flu Symptoms.


Loving the pose update! I need a wall for handstands, unless I have someone to hold their fist between my feet (odd, but it helps to have something to "Squeeze" while you're balancing w/o support).

Hope you're feeling better soon :( no fun to be sick in the summer!
That sucks that you are feeling under the weather. That is so annoying - esp in the summer when you want to be outside enjoyuing the beautiful weather!!!

Hope you are back to 100% soon!@!
Lindsey said…
I'm sorry you are sick! Hopefully you are feeling better tonight.

Sometimes for part of strength workouts I hold handstands (against a wall) for 30 seconds 5 or 6 times. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard but my shoulders and upper back start to burn like crazy!
Raquelita said…
I'm sorry to read you're sick! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

At my beloved old yoga studio, we did 3-5 min downward dogs toward the end of most vinyasa classes. It starts to get challenging after a couple of minutes for sure.

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