My First Run Back

My first run back in over a week was satisfying at just 20 minutes long amidst a light dusting of snow. A run in the snow trumps almost any other conditions in my book. It just makes me positively giddy - keep in mind we get snow maybe twice a year in Eugene.

Little park in our neighborhood

And the second run? It was harder. My chest was working hard, my legs were a little sore from Wednesday morning's strength session and the wind was adding an extra challenge to every stride.

The third one? Hard again. But one thing's for sure: a week off will make you crave a good run (or any sweat inducing workout). The semi sore quads and that overall feel of exhaustion... feel kinda perfect.

Dear running, I missed you. 

Let's be honest. Any excuse for me to wear comfy neon workout gear is reason enough to get my booty moving. Recent running purchase from the Nike Employee Store (half off = score!).

I'm officially on vacation until Wednesday! I took today off because I just need some extra time to decompress and I simply don't take enough vacation days. Not to mention the fact that the holidays are kind of crazy. I always convince myself I can take on several gift making and baking projects in the few days before Christmas.

So, I'll be running around today doing errands, getting a workout in at Lifeforce (Yep, it's been a while. I'm crossing my fingers for burpees!), trying more wedding dresses on and wrapping presents before spending all of Saturday with my friend Jenn baking up a storm!

Fashion Friday
I'm loving this dark color combo I put together on Sunday when the manfriend and I braved the crowds and went shopping. The cardigan was one I picked up last week in my sickly trip to Tar-get. New items always make outfits a little more fun.

Ironically, I needed to pick up a new white version of this long sleeve that day. My go to long sleeve is the Gap perfect tee and lucky for me, it was 50% off when I picked up a new one. Bonus to shopping for basics during the holidays!

I'm also loving my scarves these days. It's been extra cold here and none of my sweaters seem to cover my neck.

If you're into fashion, I recommend following Bobbi on instagram. She has a ton of adorable outfits and a lot of her pieces are from Target or Kohls. Personally, I love seeing affordable, realistic outfit ideas. As much as I'd love to buy the entire JCrew catalog, it's just not happening.

Current fashion wants: knitted infinity scarves - one in every color, sweaters that aren't black or blue (own way too many of those), black work shoes (short boots, heels), fun top and cardigan that can be layered together (Much too often, I purchase out one item that doesn't go with anything else I own). After looking at this list, it's clear I'm just cold all winter and looking for ways to add warmth without wearing a down parka at my desk. 

I hope you have a safe, relaxing and wonderful Christmas (for those who celebrate)! After the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, I think we'll all hug a little tighter and look at our loved ones just a little bit differently this year.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is when we all light candles at Christmas eve service and sing Light One Candle. This is always a moment at which I recognize the power of light in darkness, and think about the people who need light and the people in my life who have provided light when I need it most. I am especially looking forward to it this year because I just feel like there is a lot of giving and receiving of light needed in the world right now. 

And with that, I'm off to a fun filled, busy day. Tell me what your favorite Christmas/holiday tradition is. 


Tasha Malcolm said…
Enjoy your day off today. It sounds like it is much needed and well deserved. I thought about taking the day off too because we are driving to OR this afternoon, but I couldn't swing it. :/

Love your neon nike shirt and your Saturday outfit. You have great style!

My favorite tradition has to be decorating, listening to Christmas music and drinking peppermint hot chocolate.
welcome back to the running world! ;) Love that Nike top - employee store?! what? Reason enough to trek up to Eugene.

I feel the complete opposite about snow, ha, and we're headed straight for it. I'd also file this " I'm crossing my fingers for burpees!" under thing I would never say... ;) Maybe one day I'll appreciate them for the full-body strengthener that they are!

Merry Christmas!
That is a beautiful tradition and great way to end your Christmas Eve service - very cool! And you are right, we all need to give (and receive) a bit more light these days!

My favorite holiday tradition is our Christmas Eve celebration. We have a big seafood feast and then open presents and have homemade ice cream for dessert! And homemade Bailey's!
Luna said…
Merry Christmas Lauren, enjoy the Holidays!!
Anonymous said…
Eating creole peas. Its like this dish with peas, stewed tomatoes, celery, green pepper, hard boiled egg, bacon, and ritz crackers. We always fight over the last serving. Merry Christmas!

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