Ho Ho Ho

Good morning! I hope you're having a cozy day inside enjoying time with friends and family. If you're working, hang in there, it will be over before you know it! We'll be heading up to my parents this morning to get Christmas festivities started.

I thought I'd give you a little recap of our cookie baking adventures in photos. I think this is Jenn and I's 4th or 5th year baking Christmas cookies together. It's less about the cookies and more about the fun. After all, we end up giving most of them away to friends or family.

This year we made: sugared pecan balls, gingerbread men, buckeyes, chocolate crackles and chocolate chip. SO much baking!

Hamming it up. 


Loads of butter, peanut butter, powdered sugar + chocolate = buckeyes

Gingerbread men - my favorite to decorate and to eat

Spectator. Tv watcher. Consumer of Jack Daniels. This guy.

Jenn's apartment in Corvallis has a beautiful view of the river, mountains and more.

So, that's how we spent our Friday night and Saturday! Sunday was more adventure in Eugene. 

I went to a great hip opening/strengthening hot yoga class at Zenspot and then the manfriend and I headed for the trails to get our run on. The weather was kind of nasty, but Pete is training for a trail race and he has about 7 weeks to get ready so it's now or never.

It was soggy so I didn't take photos, but we ran a little over 7 miles in 1 h 18 min. Forgot how hilly the Ridgeline Trail can be. Slow and steady wins the race. --> I hiked a bit when things got steep because my glutes were sore from yoga.

Proof that I have a fat head. Baseball hats never look good on me. 

We rewarded ourselves with a fun brunch out at Vero coffee house. I had a turkey panini and almond latte. 

He had the french toast, a white mocha and a scone. And yes, it turned into a scene from Elf when he started pouring syrup on his scone. ;)

Okay, time to get my sweat on before heading north! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas (or whatever you celebrate). 


Tasha Malcolm said…
Merry Christmas Lauren!!! I am going to start baking some treats right now, but I am sure that they won't look as fabulous as yours. I am starting my baking a bit late this year.
Yum! Those cookies look awesome and delicious! Phil and I made buckeyes as part of our Christmas celebration. They turned out good and it was fun for us to each have something to share with our families!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

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