The Search is On

Nothing I could say would do justice to the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday. I simply hope that change is on the horizon. It is scary to imagine we're living in a place where public spaces no longer feel safe. 

Thanks to the weekend, I'm feeling almost 100%. Just to be safe, I stuck with indoor workouts to not make this chest congestion worse. 

Saturday morning I did an easy 20 min of easy spinning on the trainer. It felt good to move the legs. And then it was off for a pedicure with mom at Bello Spa (so relaxing) and wedding dress shopping with mom, Stefanie and Lindsey. 

We went to two shops and I tried on maybe 30 dresses in total. I didn't find any dresses that really wowed me so I thought I'd show you a few as none of them are close to being it. 

Some I liked certain aspects of...

and others I didn't like much of anything. 

Loved the detailing on the back of this one. 

While I didn't find the dress, I do have a better idea of what style of dress I like, the fabric, color, length of train, etc. There are so many options. I'm honestly kind of relieved I didn't find one as I want to see what else is out there. 

We also really appreciated the sales person at the second shop who was really nice, whereas the woman at the first shop was just pushy. It definitely makes or breaks the experience. 

Thanks to the ladies for helping me! And thank you, Lindsey for snapping the photos.

It was definitely nice to have feedback as I was under the weather and it can be hard to tell if a dress actually looks good on you. And the dresses look totally different looking at the photos after the fact. 

Sunday morning I went to hot yoga, which felt great on the body and the lungs. Poured sweat per the usual. 

Oh, and look who's back to running...

Pete's getting ready for the Hagg Lake 25K trail race that I did last year. I'm opting to be a cheerleader this year (although I might regret it) and let him get muddy instead. 

We went to the mall and Trader Joe's in the afternoon and it was obvious that Christmas is a week away - no parking spots to be found.

Dinner was perfect, satisfying and easy - TJ's garlic herb dough w/ caramelized onions, mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, spinach and goat cheese. 

I hope you had a relaxing weekend. Tell me something about your weekend or workouts. 


lisa fine said…
About the weekend: I made homemade pizza last night with homemade dough and local spinach and cheese. Super yum.

About the workouts: I signed up for my first marathon! In May! Oh my gosh.
Leigh said…
Ah I can't wait to see what dress you end up picking! So exciting. Hope you are feeling better soon!
Anonymous said…
It's funny, I didn't find wedding dress shopping as fun as I thought I would. It was cool to see myself wearing a wedding dress, but after one stop to the dress shop, I ordered mine online!
Redhead Running said…
Glad you're starting to feel better!

Isn't dress shopping such a weird experience? I think if you haven't been obsessed with it your whole life or walk in there already knowing what you want it's just kinda... weird. When I went I just kept laughing this nervous laugh that I couldn't explain. LOL! But eventually you will find the right one and it'll all feel "right."
Unknown said…
Sorry you have been sick. :( Probably good to stay indoors and get well.

ALL of those dresses looked great on you! Seriously, there will not be a bad choice out there. :)

That is some great looking pizza. I haven't had feta in a long time, and your picture is making me drool! lol
I am glad you had a fun experience dress shopping! I think it can be so overwhelming as there are so many styles to choose from! I have an idea of what I would want, but I don't think you can really know until you start trying things on. I can't wait to see what you end up with. For some reason, I am picturing you with a one strap gown!

My weekend was great. It was fun to get all dressed up on Saturday night and go to a Christmas party! However, I paid for the fun I had on Sunday when I spent most of the day on the couch. Oops. Note to self - I can't drink anymore.
Tasha Malcolm said…
I heard that Hagg Lake is fun, but muddy! People are always trying to get me to run it with them.

I loved, loved wedding dress shopping. It is so much fun! I was lucky and ended up with the first dress I saw. It was probably the 4th or 5th that I actually tried on in the store. I knew exactly what designer I wanted and what I wanted my dress to look like. It was perfect. Check out Maggie Sottero if you can. Her dresses are awesome!
Amber said…
You look beautiful in those photos! Can't wait to see what "the one" looks like!!
Stefanie R said…
It was fun joining you guys for wedding dress shopping. You looked really great in all the dresses, but I know you'll find that perfect dress with a little more searching.

For me, it was good to see that no matter what our wedding dresses look like, we'll be beautiful on our wedding days! White dresses just look so pretty!
Yummm that pizza looks so good!

You look beautiful in those wedding dress photos :) I really like the top of the first one on you. And, even though I'm not crazy about the top or the bottom on the second one, I think the part from your stomach to your knees looks really good actually!

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