Photographing December

December Photo a Day from FatMumSlim

I don't have much to say today. Just popping in to say I need a little photography inspiration this month so I'm jumping into the December #photoaday thanks to Fat Mum Slim. I can't believe it was February when I last took part. I was just about to swear it was probably September... time sure does fly!

With so many things going on in life, I haven't been as inspired to lug around my DSLR or even take photos in general. And because this is such a special time of year, I figured this little challenge would remind me to bring my camera and of course actually take photos.

Monday's final went well (I think). Now just one more to get through tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!


Tasha Malcolm said…
I am glad that your final went good on Monday- I hope that the rest of your finals are a breeze. A lot of people are participating in photo challenges this month. I was thinking about joining one, but I have 2 other challenges I am doing and it would be too much for me to keep track of. Have fun!
I like this idea! I'm actually trying to take a photo every day this month too but I like this because it gives you some ideas haha.
Raquelita said…
Good luck with your final tomorrow! I'm hoping to do one of these prompted photo challenges next month.
Amber said…
I keep trying to do one of these monthly photo challenges but I always see them too late. Maybe in January!

I so rarely use my DSLR anymore. It's ridiculous. I need to pull it out and start practicing with it some more.
I think the last time I did the photo a day challenge was back in February as well! And yah, it doesn't seem like that long ago!!

Good luck with your final today!!!!

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