A Look Back on February

I don't typically reflect on the previous month, but I thought it would be fun to do today. I was reminded by Allie that I don't usually even check at the end of the month how many miles I completed. It's so fun to read recaps from bloggers like Allie, Aron and Redhead Running with a little roundup of the month, so why not?

Running - 146 miles
Yoga - 1x a week
Strength - 3x per week
Cycling/spinning - 2x per week (in short 20-25 min sessions)
Foam rolling - limited, but better than some months

Most weeks in Feb. I ran 6 days per week, but typically I run 5 days a week with one day as my "yoga day" and one other day as a cross training focused day.

What's more interesting? In January, I ran 165 miles (one of my higher mileage months) and I didn't even realize it. My highest mileage month in the past 12 months was August with 167 miles, which makes sense because I ran the McKenzie River 50K on Sept. 10th and then Victoria Marathon on October 9th with some lovely blog friends.

Thank you, dailymile for reminding me of these stats. Do you guys use dailymile or something else to track your workouts? 

I also thought it would be good to put together a collage of some of the photos I took during #FebPhotoaDay. I definitely did NOT participate every day, but I tried to when I remembered.

This was definitely a fun little challenge. I know some people are also doing #MarchPhotoaDay so feel free to join in. I liked that there's no pressure to it, but you can get a little creative if you want.

Some days I tweeted my photos and other days, I just took a picture for myself. And some days, I just plain forgot.

Okay, well my rear is really hurting after tonight's 400m jaunts around the track. That must mean I was running pretty fast (at least I hope). Time for a serious foam roll session!

Today marked my first daily double run of this marathon training session and it went pretty well - 4.5 easy morning miles and 6 miles of speed after work. Legs are feeling strong.

What's on your agenda for the weekend? Long run, packing, relaxation and errands for me.

Countdown to Mexico: 7 days!!!


Wow, double miles! You are impressive!

So exciting that you're going to Mexico soon! Have a blast!

Weekend will include long run as well, some photo-taking in the beautiful weather and relaxing!

Happy weekend!
Redhead Running said…
Great month of running girl! 146 miles?!?!? Woot!

I love a monthly roundup (except when I'm injured, then it's a little depressing) because it's fun to look back.

Enjoy your foam roll session!
Wow. You ran a lot! I mean the overall total is impressive AND 6 days a week! All I can say is...Wow. Good for you!

Have fun in Mexico. It will be nice to have some sun!
Wow!! I'm not sure I've ever gotten the mileage except for when marathon training. Way to go!
Anonymous said…
I track my stuff in a believe I am training journal, but I rarely add up mileage - I don't know why. I guess I'm too lazy? Well, there hasn't been a lot of mileage to add up in the past 4 months anyways!

Going to the American Cup at MSG this weekend - big gymnastics meet. So stoked.
Wow, your Mexico trip is coming fast. how exciting! You guys deserve a wonderful getaway so I am glad you are going somewhere.

This weekend I had a wedding in Fargo, ND so I went to my parents on Thur night, spent the day there studying on Friday, attended the wedding, and came back to Minneapolis this morning to do - you guessed it - more studying. I am done for the night so am going to watch the finale of Top Chef and go to bed early as I am exhausated!
I rarely look back at mileage stats anymore, either, but it can be revealing! :) glad the legs are still goin' strong, w/o injury or fatigue! You've had a great couple o' months.

Mexico is so soon!

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