One Foot in Front of the Other

Happy Friday! Things have been quiet around here. It's just been one of those weeks.

I'm having a hard time with where I am right now and where I want to be in life. Baby steps are much more my style, but sometimes I just feel the need to leap. But leaping is risky and scary and you could get hurt.

Alas, with all the stress I've been putting on myself and marathon training, I'm feeling exhausted. I guess I finally feel like I'm marathon training! Having a plan helps with that too.

As for training, I tweeted last night how the rain and gusts of 35 mph winds weren't exactly making outdoor running easy. Instead of joining our speed group like I usually do on Thursday evenings, I opted to head to the gym to do my speed work on the treadmill.

Before: Still debating whether or not to run outside


After: Very happy to have stayed inside, although it always feels much harder to run fast on a treadmill than it is outside. I was doing some 5k pace at 8.2 mph and it felt like I was nearly going to fly off the treadmill. 

I'm working a half day today and then hanging out with my mom. Looking forward to it, although I wish this downpour would let up a bit.

Weeks to Eugene Marathon: 4! This weekend I'm dropping down and doing a 13 miler or so and hoping to feel refreshed come Monday.

Oh and I almost forgot a song I wanted to share with you guys! I heard this on Pandora last night on the Amos Lee channel. For some reason, I just love sad songs.

 Ben Rector - When a Heart Breaks

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous Friday so far!


I hate those days/weeks where some decisions seem to take longer than they should! I hope that your Leap goes well!

I was reading about the Eugene Marathon. I think it's one of the top 10 courses for BQ qualifiers. Does that sound right?
I just realized I said "BQ qualifiers". Ha. A bit redundant. Sorry.
Meggie said…
35 mph winds?! That is no joke.
Unknown said…
Oh my gosh. I am SO ready for it to stop raining! We are going to hit flood level again here in my town. Crazy! I get out about 6 am and it has only been sprinkles, but today it was full-on downpour and I slept in....thinking it's a rest day today now. :)

Hopefully this means dry weather april 29th!
Thanks for sharing that song - I love sad songs, too... I think I just gravitate towards the more raw/emotional type of songs...

I hope you are enjoying your afternoon with your mom. Being around moms when you are feeling unsure about life is really helpful, I think. I hope you find direction soon and can see where it is that you need to leap...
Ricole Runs said…
Happy Friday! I LOVE that red jacket of yours!
An afternoon with Fam is usually a good dose of needed relaxation :)

Take the leap. Always worth it!
Amber said…
I was EXHAUSTED last week. I'm really hoping to perk up this week. One foot in front of the other is right!
Karen said…
I have to admit that I bailed on a run altogether today because of the rain. But it was probably a smart choice to take a rest day since I'm still on the mend from injuries.

I like those capris you are wearing in the pics in this post. What brand are they? Might need to hit up runningwarehouse for a new pair!
Karen - the capris in this post are Nikes. I think I got them a few years ago, but I definitely love all of my Nike running spandex!

I have a pair of long running tights from Nike that have lasted for 6 years and they have been my sole pair of long tights for winter/cold runs!

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