A Snow Day? SNOw Way!

I woke up early to go to the bathroom and could tell it was "glowing" outside our windows. Sure enough, I peeked out and saw this blanket of whiteness everywhere!

As I've mentioned before, it's crazy rare that we get snow (especially of this magnitude - about 4 inches now) so the roads aren't cleared quickly and people don't know how to drive in the stuff. 

Alas, I couldn't miss out on the chance to run in the snow. I just love it. Plus, my "plan" called for an easy 6 miler. After returning to the house once for my big snow gloves and another coat, I was good to go.

It was definitely a challenge to run in this stuff, especially because i was paving my own path along the sidewalks, but my Montrail shoes worked great! 

I finished 5.3 miles with a smile on my face (and probably got a few crazy looks from drivers) just in time to take Jonah Bell out for her morning jog/walk in the snow. She loved frolicking in the stuff. 

A snow day calls for jeans, a wool sweater and my rain boots - I've got to purchase some snow boots one of these days. 

Work is closed until early afternoon so I'm happily sipping tea from the couch and contemplating a nap. The manfriend however, was at work at 8 am. The streets were a bit challenging to drive in, but nothing my little Corolla couldn't handle. ;)

What's Cookin' Wednesday 

Last night's dinner was perfect after a cold and wet tempo run for her and a miserable bike ride for him. Tuna melts + salad!

And the best brownies for dessert! 

Belly = satisfied.

Do you plan meals based around workouts or times you know you'll need/want comfort food? Anything exciting on your meal plan for the week? 


Redhead Running said…
I'm so excited for you that you got some snow to run in!!! How fun! (For you! I'm personally happy to be rid of it. LOL!)
That is a TON of snow! Especially for somewhere like Eugene that never really gets any. Wow! Good for you for getting out for your run. I kind of like running in the snow too but I'm OVER IT by March usually. Haha
I love that us folks on the west coast are getting snow and the people in the north / east are having record (70s/80s) temps right now. What a strange thing mother nature is.

I don't mind running in the snow, but it's a little slippery! I like it better when it's either a bit dry, so I can get a better "grip" or when it's paved. I usually run on trails though, and they are wet and hard to navigate in the snow!
Leigh said…
That is a lot of snow! I am more than ready for winter to be over here....even though it's been a pretty mild one
Leigh said…
That is a lot of snow! I am more than ready for winter to be over here....even though it's been a pretty mild one
Whoa that is crazy that you woke up to snow! That's something I'd expect here - but instead it was like 60 this am! Actually it's been so warm/muggy lately, I have had trouble sleeping as my condo is so stuffy.

My meal plan during the week is usually boring stuff like baked potatoes or salads every night! I do make something big on the weekends to have as leftovers for lunches... but I am an EXTREMELY boring/fast eater during the week. But that is partially because I pretty much have 20 minutes from when I get out of the shower until when I sit down to study... so I kind of only have time for quick/mindless things! Or I should say I only make time for that as I'd rather start studying a little earlier and be done by 8!
J said…
AHH that is crazy you got so much snow!! We have been having 80 degree weather around here when we should be getting possibly some snow!! Your dinner looks so yummy!
Ricole Runs said…
I'm glad you're happy about this weather, I am incredibly sick of it!! Seriously, can we get some spring already or what??!!! Way to get out therefor a run!
Lindsey said…
I'm jealous you didn't have to go to work today! I had a bunch of stuff to do, so I couldn't stay home today but I really wanted to. Those brownies look amazing.
Raina said…
You guys really did get a lot of snow! We only got about 2 inches, then lots and lots of rain/snow mix that made a mess. Haha. Looks like a fun run!!

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