The Long Run Daze

All is good - I survived the 4 hour run! If I didn't do another long run before MRTR 50K, I'd feel just fine about my training. 

I left the house Saturday just before 8 am for my journey around town. I wasn't sure how the Brooks PureCadence Flows would hold up for such a long run, but my Brooks Adrenalines are pretty much shot so I took the chance.

It was going to be a hot one so I put on the most comfortable running outfit I own - lululemon run racerback tank and tempo shorts. 

Luckily, this run was much better than my 3.5 hr run two weeks ago. It was sort of a two part run in my mind. I ran out and back for the first half running on the river path and Pre's Trail, a flat bark path. 

Then it was back downtown to REI to restock on fuel - another pack of strawberry Shot Bloks and a kids Z Bar. The second half of my run was up to Hendricks park along some hilly, shaded trail, which was really nice as the temps were rising. 

The manfriend went mountain bike racing and dropped my car off downtown, which was nice. I finished nearly a marathon distance feeling strong, happy and fairly pain free. 

Then the long run daze set in. I drove over to Starbucks to get some caffeine and promptly locked my car key in the car. Brilliant. 

Luckily, I had my debit card so I could get Jimmy Johns and some iced coffee. Seriously needed. 

Spent the next hour stretching (you're welcome Starbucks patrons), reading blogs, chatting with my mom and admiring my dirty legs before I was able to get the spare key. 

It's amazing how one good run can really change your attitude about training. 

At his race, Pete won a gift card to Turtles, a local bar and grill so guess what was for dinner?! 

My favorite salad in Eugene...

And pesto pasta with chicken, broccoli and sun dried tomatoes.
I ate more than my fair share and still had half of it to take home for Sunday's lunch for both Pete and I. 

Sunday was roasty toasty! We did several errands just going from one air conditioned store to the next not really buying anything (somehow I even escaped the 40% off sale at LOFT with nothing) - perfect way to stay cool on a hot day.

When we got home, I felt guilty for leaving the pup inside all day so we took her out to the nearby lake. She loves swimming. I was just wishing I had my suit on and would have jumped right in!

To end the day, we had one of my favorite low cook meals - salad wraps with plenty of peanut sauce. Props to the manfriend for mad chopping skillz.

And how about those closing ceremonies to the Olympics?! I can't say I recall a closing ceremony from the past, but I'm pretty sure I'll remember this one.

Now that the Tour de France AND Olympics are over, it's time to ax cable...womp womp. I guess we'll be watching a lot of Netflix and maybe reading more.

And with that, another Happy Manic Monday to us all. How was your weekend?


missris said…
I'm so sad the Olympics are over! Although I will have a lot more free time on my hands now...
luna665 said…
woah. I saw that mileage on I know why. Congrats, you're so strong!
Amber said…
Nice job on the run!! You are going to rock the 50K this year!! I can't even imagine running those kinds of times or distances right now. Though I am starting to feel a real pull back to running, especially trail running, again...

Glad you had your phone and debit card at least when you locked yourself out of the car!!
J said…
I am sad the olympics are over but also glad! Now I have no excuse for staying up late watching tv. I can not sleep well and get everything done around my house!
Redhead Running said…
Well done on your run chica!!! You so got this race!!!

If if makes you feel any better, this morning I locked my keys in my car for the first time ever. Def not the way I wanted to start my Monday! ugh!
Nice work on the run! Your pace was awesome! You are going to do great at McKenzie! I just know it! It's kind of like deja vu reading about your training as it brings me back to last summer!

My weekend was great. It was very low key. Did my 18 miler and spent a lot of time relaxing. I felt guilty but reminded myself I had no relaxing weekends from Jan-Jun so I guess I earned some down time. ;)
I can't remember any closing ceremonies before this but I liked it!

Congrats on making it through your 4 hour run! I am impressed with how dirty your legs were haha
Tasha Malcolm said…
Trust me, getting rid of your cable is actually awesome. I don't miss mine at all. Thankfully I was able to watch the Olympics so I couldn't complain too much.

Congrats on making it through your 4 hour run. That is a long time to be on your feet!
Lindsey said…
Good thing you had your debit card. That could have been a really long hour if you didn't have food! That dinner looks so good. What kind of peanut sauce do you use? Did you make it?
Good job on the long run! I hate that long run daze! I am glad you had money, so you could get food! I would have cried if I had to sit there after a long run with no food and water! I am sure you will do great on the 50k!
Dang, Sass! That IS a long run. I actually love that you didn't get the Type-A-Garmin mind going and just keep going until 26.2 anyway ;)

LUCKY that there were some food & drink options near the lock-out, oof. Rough way to wrap things up, but it's hard to bring down a runner's high...
Solid work! I was trying to determine where you ran based on the color of your trail runner tan. Looks like a bit of Rexius or Pre red dust. :)

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