Brooks PureCadence Shoe Review

I finally broke down and ordered some new shoes after running on my old pair for at least 100 miles longer than I prefer.

After being an Adrenaline junky for several years, I wanted to try out the Brooks PureCadence minimalist shoes because they're lightweight, but still have some support for us pronators. 

Plus, they're flashy and I'm all about neon colors these days.

These bright blue shoes make a previously normal running outfit look a little crazy, but what can ya do?

So how'd they perform? Well, I've tested them on a few road runs, some trail and some hills and I have to say they're pretty good.

We had a tough hill workout tonight in the 90 degree heat and I definitely noticed the weight difference of my shoes. They just sort of floated right along with my feet rather than pulling me down.

While they're lightweight, they're very cushy, although I'm not sure how long that will last. I've heard minimalist shoes break down easier, which makes sense.

As I already run on my mid to forefoot, it wasn't a huge difference to run in these, but they definitely have less of a heel, which forces you on to the forefoot naturally. I also notice my ankles and knees working a little harder to keep everything steady.

I'm not sure if these will become my "go to" running shoe, but I'm definitely happy with my purchase! I'm curious to see if they can handle being a workhorse shoe and putting up with ~50 miles per week. Time will tell.

Happy Friday! This week felt like it draaaagged on so I'm especially happy to see the end of it. When nice weather arrives here in Oregon, it's just hard to sit inside thinking of all you could be doing outside.

P.S. Guess who my friend Sarah and I saw on our lunch walk yesterday on the bike path?! Tony Dungy and his family! The Dungy's have a house in Eugene because one of their sons plays football for the Oregon Ducks. I was just a wee bit star struck.


Lindsey said…
I have been interested in trying a pair of shoes from that line but wanted to wait until after my race. Glad you like them! Enjoy the nice weather this weekend! I think it's going to be warmer in Eugene than Santa Rosa!
Oh, that color is fun! I bought new shoes a couple of weeks ago when my run club had a 30% off day at the running store we are affiliated with! I got the new model of Mizunos that I run in. They made some big changes (for the better).
Luna (from dailymile) said…
Hey!! I have the same shoes!But I can't use hard to run for me :( Actually I've used them for long runs too in the past, but got semi-injured, blamed the minimalist shoes and now I use them like once a month!Be careful. Also, di you notice any discomfort on the upper part near the big toe area?
Just found you through HLB... I'm a huge fan of the Adrenaline shoe, as I have crazy high arches, and tend to pronate a lot. I have been interested in minimals though, because I've heard in the long run they're better for you to run in. Good to know there's a minimal out there designed to help with pronation issues!
Jen said…
I was looking at these in a sporting goods store a couple of weeks ago, and I was tantalized by the bright blue and bright pink colors! I'm an overpronator, but I love the idea of a lighter weight shoe -- especially in this summer heat! Thanks for the review. If I am able, I'd like to invest in these as well as a new pair of Adrenalines.

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